Jim Washburn Reportedly Demeaned Juan Castillo by Calling Him “Juanita” and Embarrassing Him in Meetings

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As if this season couldn't get weirder… a report from CSN’s Reuben Frank sheds some light on why Jim Washburn was let go (besides, you know, the Eagles defensive line being an embarassment to sport). In absolutely shredding the decision to hire Washburn before promoting Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator last year, Frank puts forth this bit of tid: [CSN Philly]

Castillo is a good man who was put in an impossible situation. Washburn, a lifetime defensive coach who’s never been shy about speaking his mind and trampling anyone in his way, often made his disdain for Castillo clear.

Washburn operated apart from Castillo, running his own little defensive line fiefdom and often either ignoring Castillo or derisively calling him “Juanita” in front of his players, the veteran defensive player said. He was condescending and confrontational and embarrassed Castillo frequently in meetings and at practice and also went over the line criticizing his players at times. 


Jeez. At least Washburn showed enough retraint to refrain from asking Castillo to cut the grass on the practice field.

The whole story from Frank is worth a read, an Andy Reid.

Frank (Roob) has been the harshest critic of the Eagles – specifically, Babin, Washburn and the defense – among beat reporters. His Twitter beef with Jason Babin’s wife seemed to start it all. He got in digs at Babin when Babin was released. And today, he tweeted upon his arrival to the NovaCare Complex:


I’m applauding Roob for standing up to the misguided Eagles PR machine. Of course, some assumed it was Roob of whom Babin spoke when our (least) favorite lunkhead said the Philly media was “unprofessional” and didn’t tie their shoes, among other things. A person who spends quite a bit of time in and around the Eagles locker room emailed me to say that Roob often appears “slovenly” and that his untied shoes are a bit of a “trademark.” [Welcome to my inbox, people.]

Now, I don’t write those things to rip Roob (because he’s done a fine job of skewering the Eagles), but merely to point out that our messenger for this post is kind of in the middle of the story– this tangled web of Reid, Washburn, Babin, and the god awful Wide 9.

What’s more is that Washburn and Babin are very closely tied. Washburn was reportedly enraged when Babin was let go, a move that sealed Washburn's fate with the Eagles. Reid told reporters that both decisions – to let Babin go and fire Washburn – were his. He said that firing Washburn was not to save his own job, but that it “needed to be done now.” It's odd, though, that Castillo was fired before Washburn.

In a way, sacking Babin and Washburn, and officially demoting Michael Vick, are the moves of a coach rebuilding for the future, not one on his way out. It’s hard to imagine a situation where Reid doesn’t get fired after the season, and perhaps he only knows one way to do his job… but most coaches on the way out don’t make moves with an eye toward next year and beyond. You’d think that Reid would want to eek out as many wins as possible to boost his (admittedly) strong resume.  So, that makes you wonder.

One thing is clear, though: Washburn seems like a real asshole.

Babin had two tackles and no sacks in a loss to the Bills yesterday.


  1. It infuriates me that Andy Reid created this type of atmosphere for this defense. Bowels coaches the secondary, Washburn coaches the line, neither of them communicated with Juan because they think he’s a hack…no wonder this defense just sucks.
    Way go go guy.
    Is it April yet? Top 5 pick here we come…

  2. The Burger King

    December 3, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    It’s guys like Reuben Frank, with his childish tweet about the parking spot, that give Philly media a bad name. Grow up and do your job.

  3. it’s not a pointless story at all. This is more evidence of how poor a leader Reid has been and how the whole foundation of the team has just completely collapsed.
    There was also that story awhile back about widespread mistrust in the Eagles front office as well thanks to Howie Roseman.
    The entire organization has become a joke. This is what happens when you leave one regime running things too long, happens in every shape and form, repeatedly throughout history, the leaders get power hungry and then lazy, then lose control, and the whole fucking thing goes to shit.
    “Jeff This Is On You”

  4. Juan is such a pussy, a real wetback would have sliced that cracka into pieces

  5. “In a way, sacking Babin and Washburn, and officially demoting Michael Vick, are the moves of a coach rebuilding for the future, not one on his way out. It’s hard to imagine a situation where Reid doesn’t get fired after the season, and perhaps he only knows one way to do his job… but most coaches on the way out don’t make moves with an eye toward next year and beyond. You’d think that Reid would want to eek out as many wins as possible to boost his (admittedly) strong resume. So, that makes you wonder.”
    Bob Ford put forth a scenario in a column from Sunday’s paper, saying in so many words that Jeff Lurie has hemmed and hawed and maintained his Iron Curtain era silence about Reid’s fate, not because he still plans to dump him after the season ends, but perhaps because Jeff’s thinking up a rationale to sell the fanbase should he bring Reid back in 2013. Combine that with Reid’s recent machinations, and that leaves me worried that we’re going to see more of the same bullshit with this team next season.

  6. I would love to have a cold beer with Washburn

  7. Makes me think maybe Juan Castillo would have done ok if he was able to pick his own defensive staff. He had no say over what Washburn did with the D Line, that caused issues across the entire defense. Reid has been in a downward spiral since Jim Johnson passed away and his assistance coaches have been an embarrassment.

  8. The Original that guy

    December 3, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    The real question is why is Marty Mornhinweg still coaching? If he is the real play caller, then he has done an awful job. The balance of the offense has been so skewed to passing and seven step drops when you have a porous offensive line. You are pretty much guarunteeing that your QB will be massacred by a defense, not to mention you have a RB that plays like Barry Sanders that is being under utilized. Not to mention he is a lifetime awful coach that has 5 wins in 2 seasons to his name. WHY THE FUCK HE IS OUR OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR?
    Reid has to go. Jeff This Is on YOU!

  9. It doesn’t matter if Michaela Vick or Nicole Foles is in at QB. Andrea Reid will never win without the wide 9!!!!… Also somebody tell Juanita Castillo that she forgot to dust my bookshelf this morning… Now come here Babin, and give Big Wash some sugar…

  10. William Visconto

    December 3, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Juan Castillo is a faggot , go take bullet for Andy .. Washburn is all right in my book

  11. C’mon Kyle we’re both sitting on the same email.
    plausible deniability LMAO
    whats the worse that can happen ?
    i know you have integrity;
    me on the other hand……

  12. You tell em Bill!

  13. Still don’t understand why Castillo was fired…

  14. fuck no god please

    December 3, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    If Andy comes back we all need to shit in a box and mail it to Novacare

  15. If Juan had any balls he would have smacked his clipboard over Wash’s head. Working hard pussy

  16. Wow, I really like the idea of the entire Eagles fan base taking a shit in a box and sending it via USPS to the NovaCare complex. Attn whoever you want. As long as somebody opens every single box of shit. Then maybe, just maybe, the Eagles orginazation will feel like its fanbase does every year. Get all excited for a new package and then when you open it you realize its just a box if shit. Yes, that is what it is like to be an Eagles fan!

  17. Mailing feces to novacare so some poor intern can open up a fucking box full of shit?
    You guys are idiots.

  18. Shoulder Pads Guy

    December 3, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Tim, stop being such a pussy and just shit in the box.

  19. I'm Ed Wade Buy My Book

    December 3, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    poor intern at novacare, not likely. more like lurie’s nephew or reid’s mormon blowjob servant.

  20. WOW, now you’re on Frank’s dick? for realsies? thought you hated him?

  21. Quorin Halfcock

    December 3, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Remember when our defense was really good under Juan Castillo?

  22. Tim, just shut up and shit in the box already!

  23. The old tim would have shat in the box

  24. Yea sure Juan’s the fag for not creating even more turmoil in that shithole. Let’s see who has a job next year and who doesn’t. Washburn’s career is fork-done.

  25. Yo Lumpy- get a clue, dope!
    Juan was overmatched

  26. I’m ascared that Reid gets kicked upstairs. Les Bowen just said on DNL that they get the feeling from Lurie is ” I’m getting rid of that guy”

  27. C’mon Sheckler, shitters full.

  28. allright guys……..I will shit in the box……

  29. I think we need a bigger box.

  30. Yo Mike, didn’t say he’ll be hired as a DC, duh. But as OL coach again, or even OC, absolutely.

  31. Let’s call this what it is…a BULLY (washburn) pushing around and intimidating a good honest hardworking individual. Enough said!

  32. Foles hits his receivers in stride. the running game is fine. Maclin,Avant,Cooper and Celek.
    the secondary ?
    where are the Lester Hayes’s, the Andre Waters, guys that HIT instead of ” They didnt bring me here to tackle” – ASSante $amuel.

  33. Thanks Tim, way to man up and shit in the box! WOOOOOOOOO

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