Hilarious: A Day in the Life of an Eagles Blogger

This is genuinely hilarious. Jimmy Kempski, Eagles fan and lead blogger of Blogging The Beast who also contributes to SNY.tv and Washington Post, put together this video, A Day in the Life of an Eagles Blogger, and set it to Chip Kelly’s practice soundtrack. The result is a seven-minute long, inside-joke filled bit of inter-pipe hilarity. It even includes a special cameo by EatDatPussy445. Maybe I’m just partial because I can relate to much of this, but it’s the best Philly-related video I’ve seen since Pat Burrelled girls last spring. Do watch the video, do laugh, and do check out Kempski’s blog, Blogging The Beast.


  1. This was actually fucking hilarious. I almost pissed my pants when he threw batteries at Santa, the Maclin/cat joke and the relive the glory days scene

    • Did you really find it to be funny?
      I watched the whole thing and found it to be more silly than funny. I think the problem is that it was compared to the “My girl was Burrelled” skit, which is simply brilliant, and still makes me laugh out loud each time I watch it. What a masterpiece.

  2. I’d rather have a beer

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