Last month, we brought you video of Riley Cooper fighting (sort of) outside the Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Field. That parking lot disagreement was broken up rather quickly, but it now appears that tempers continued to flare inside the concert.

Prior to joining Chesney, several Eagles teammates and Chip Kelly on stage for The Boys of Fall, Cooper was with friends and Jason Kelce in a semi-private area near the stage. In a video that we’ve obtained, we see Kelce and others attempting to calm an agitated Cooper down just before he points in the direction of the crowd (and camera) and says, as best as we can tell: “I will jump that fence and fight every n*gger here, bro.”

He then slapped his friend’s arm out of the way while a girl (off camera) produced a drunken groan.

We don’t know the context surrounding the video. If you were there and saw or heard anything, please let us know.

Cooper is expected to compete for a starting wide receiver job to replace the injured Jeremy Maclin. Over the weekend, Cooper said he almost cried when he found out about his friend’s injury.

UPDATE: Originally, the person in the green shirt, whose arm was knocked away by Cooper, was thought to be Danny Watkins. Several folks have reached out and said that they don’t believe it is him. It’s hard to tell for sure, so we have updated the post accordingly.

UPDATE 2: A tipster told Deadspin that Cooper was angry over being denied backstage access, and that Cooper has truck nuts.