Marcus Vick’s Girl is Deleting His Twitter


  1. Mike definitely told him to take it down. Marcus is dumb as shit

  2. He better man up & slap a bitch. We need him on twitter

  3. Fo Da LoOt n Da Papas

    July 31, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Offeason hightlights = tim tebow got signed by a team with some sketchy niggers…….Riley Cooper came out and say he wants to kill some niggers…….and Aaron Hernandez actually killed a nigger……GO GATORS!!!!!!!

  4. Riley Cooper was hired to take some national heat off Aaron Hernandez. Well played, Florida Gator boosters, well played.

  5. Murph From The Stands

    July 31, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Yeah Tom, I’m down here with the winners of the W.B. Mason Ricky Jordan collectible colostomy bag in the Diamond Club and the fans are just distraught to hear about Marcus Vick deleting his twitter. Said one upstanding Delco cocaine dealer, “I just don’t know where else I can go to read about why black quarterbacks are held out of the league by racists”. It’s a sad day here and my anal warts are just on the warpath in this humidity, Wheels.

  6. Adam Scott You Suck!!! Just So You Know!

  7. He whip

  8. Anyone know what Marcus Vick got on his SAT’s?

  9. White trailer trash little dick white guy

  10. Lmao!
    U so dum. U r really dum. Ain’t no body got time fo dat.
    PS- I bang a hot black chick. She’s outspoken about the fact that the black big myth is just that- a myth. Plenty of brothers walking around with little black worms. Jyst saying.

  11. Shouldn’t (s)he have done this a long time ago? Guess his “plane to da money” had the same flight crew from the Asiana crash flight. Btw, I love that Larry Allen in Cowboy blue is appearing on your homepage.. Haha- Eagles suuuuuuuck!

  12. Bummin Bitch #5

    August 1, 2013 at 5:58 am

    Read between the lines: “My publicist who was forced to take me on as a part of a package deal along with my brother Mik,e forced me to take my twitter down, before I could could gag on my own damn foot again..”

  13. He’ll be back on in a month or two. Mark my words. Leeches like this guy get bored real easy. Theres a lot of downtime when you don’t have a real job.

  14. I wonder if Mike wishes he would’ve electrocuted his brother Marcus a few times when he was electrocuting all those pitbulls. This dude is such a disgrace.

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