Phils Walk it Off, Chris Wheeler Ruins Call, Marcus Hayes Remains an Idiot

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 8.59.44 AMHey the Phils won again last night. In walk-off fashion. Again. It’s the new-manager-is-here-so-we-have-a-shot-of-adrenaline-and-probably-need-to-try-hard-before-us-not-being-very-good-kicks-in thing. They’ll come back down to Earth soon. But this is fun for now, though it would’ve been better if Chris Wheeler wasn’t on play-by-play. For the first time in my life, I wanted more T-Mac.

And perhaps someone should tell Marcus Hayes thatĀ thisĀ is why people like Chase Utley and that, yes, a walk can be as good as a hit:

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 8.59.03 AM

Video after the jump.


  1. The real reason Chris Wheeler gets to call the games once in awhile is they realize Tom McCarthy sucks so if they throw Wheeler in who sucks even more we will appreciate McCarthy. NOPE. It’s like getting a pile of shit to eat then someone gives a pile of diaherra. I DON”T WANT SHIT OR DIAHERRA.

  2. That call was exactly why so many Phils fans can’t stand Chris Wheeler. He just steps all over the moment. Our 3rd straight walk-off at home and what does he say? That pitch was probably a strike. Complete nonsense.

    Between that and his constant over-the-top praise of even the most mediocre player on the opposing team (while constantly criticizing Phils players), we’ve just about had enough of his act.

    Middle-in, middle-out, whatever.

  3. Hayes has really jumped the shark. His disdain for Utley (or for the fans’ love of Utley, or both) just pours out of everything he writes. It’s just sad.

    And Jimmy has (finally!!!) started playing with some urgency these last few games or so. Great. It’s about time! I guess Marcus hasn’t picked up on the fact that this actually validates all of the criticism that has been directed towards Jimmy this season.

  4. That was not even close to a strike!

  5. I wish every Phillies game was retro night. Those uniforms are amazing. If only Steve Jeltz started at SS, with Jeff Stone in LF, and Chris James in RF. And warming up in the bullpen, LHP Don Carmen.

  6. Fuck wheeler and why is Marcus Hayes still employed??

  7. Marcus Hayes "Worked Under" Bill Conlin For Years

    August 24, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Hayes is trying to find that niche of being the writer that everyone loves to hate, except it usually works better when the journalist in question can actually compose good, insightful articles, instead of just firing off retarded anti-white comments into the Twittersphere at 2am after their 6th failed suicide attempt of that month.

    • Marcus Hayes "Worked Under" Bill Conlin For Years

      August 24, 2013 at 12:38 pm

      And there are homeless people with more Twitter followers. That’s pretty sad, right there.

  8. maybe the reason we are winning these games is because there is now a better manager in place who won’t take shit from anyone.

    • Lets not forget the fact that the Rockies and the D-Backs suck almost as much as the Phils do. As for Marcus Hayes, he needs to move back to whatever village he originally hailed from because the place if clearly missing its idiot.

    • Yeah man, that’s totally why a team with no bullpen, no power, and no heart won meaningless games against terrible teams. Ryne Sandberg must be some kind of genius. No longer will Charlie hold Jimmy “pop-up on every 3-1 count” Rollins back from leading this team to greatness.

  9. Why was Chris Wheeler on play by play last night? Was T-mac busy?

  10. I want to make a website like yelp where i rank bars from 1-10 on how good the bar is to take a shit in

  11. Leslie Gudel isn’t one of my favorite reporters, but it’s funny how Marcus Hayes drags her into his twitter war with Ryan Lawrence.
    All she did was tweet that Utley’s walk wins the game, and it’s not as sexy as a hit, but it works, and the next thing you know our boy Marcus is including her in his Utley-hate tweets.
    Does anyone have Marcus in the dead pool? Major meltdown on the way for sure!

  12. Yea Wheeler’s call wasn’t really bad at all. Fuck Tom McCarthy. He’s the worst I’ve ever heard.

  13. It will be a glorious day when Wheeler, McCarthy and Zumoff are gone from this town.

  14. I wish that somebody would tie Hayes and Wheeler’s legs together and throw them over a high tension wire until they kill each other.

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