Three People Stabbed at Broncos Game

Kyle Scott —  December 13, 2013 — 33 Comments

[I love websites that watermark images and GIFs ripped from the broadcast feed, Fansided]

Stop the presses! Stop the presses, newspaperman! This doesn’t fit the narrative! THIS DOESN’T FIT OUR HACKY NARRATIVE, DAMMIT!

That’s the conversation I imagine taking place in many hypothetical newspaper printing plants around the globe when it was discovered that the three NFL fans stabbed last night weren’t in, from, around, in the general vicinity of, or wearing gear purchased in or near, Philly.

From FOX News, because I feel like if massage the sourcing gods enough by using their stuff, Megyn Kelly will suddenly appear nude and then get taken off the air forever (Merry Christmas?):

At least three people were stabbed in a parking lot at Sports Authority Field at Mile High after the Denver Broncos’ game Thursday night, police said.

Denver Police spokesman Steve Warneke said three males were stabbed, and a fourth may have been stabbed, but that person left the scene.

Police have several people in custody and are not currently looking for other suspects. None had been formally charged as of just after midnight.

The stabbing Thursday is just one of several recent incidents involving football fans.

Earlier this month in Kansas City, Mo., a man died after an altercation in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot during Kansas City’s game against Denver.

In September in San Francisco, a teenage fan suffered a concussion and a broken arm and nose at Candlestick Park after police say he was attacked during the 49ers’ game against Indianapolis.

I am borderline shocked that the last line wasn’t about the Lions fan in Philly this week.

Still, the coverage, as of yet, hasn’t totally blown up, and that leaves even Philly hater Albert Breer miffed:

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because blowhards like Breer only want to get wild with their coverage when bad things happen in a place like Philly.

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33 responses to Three People Stabbed at Broncos Game

  1. Preach.

  2. Philly fans are fucking pussies. Shit does get attention everywhere, Philly fans just cry about their reputation at the drop of a hat. Fucking man up. Who the fuck cares if someone mentions Santa when busting balls.

    As we speak, there is an article on the front page of espn about it

    So grow a set of fucking balls. This shit does get attention. PHILLY FANS PERPETUATE THE STEREOTYPE BY CRYING ABOUT IT. I thought we were supposed to be tough, you make us sound like a bunch of fucking school girls. WAHHHHHHHHHHH, SO AND SO DID THIS, WAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  3. My comment is awaiting moderation, Approve it, Kyle.

  4. NEWS FLASH: they were Eagles fans dressed in Broncos jerseys and after they beat up a Santa Claus

  5. Of course not…Fucking Lions fan with a fabricated story of getting jumped is front page news, but 4 STABBINGS gets no press. Garbage.


  6. Yeah but did they throw snow balls at st. Nick & play the knockout game with innocent lions fans????
    Fuck lowlife Philly fans. Losers

  7. Kind of glad Peyton manning didn’t go off last night, I’m going against him in my fantasy playoffs.

  8. I’m shocked there hasn’t been many rapes at tailgates this year with all these chicks rocking sexy yoga pants & pissing in public.
    God yoga pants get ole 3FL horned upa

  9. Branko Radivojevič December 13, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Mr. 3 Finger Lenny, UPA = Unprotected Anal?

  10. as annoying as the national talking heads who copy and paste the same story lines into an article every time a negative fan incident occurs here in philadelphia, equally annoying are the local fans here who cry at great lengths that fan incidents in other cities dont receive the same level of negative publicity. seriously, who the fuck cares! you sound like a bunch of fucking whiny 2nd graders who cry that the other kids didnt get detention with you. you want this shit to stop, then start policing each other. if you see someone being a fucking asshole at a game, then call them out on it! i agree that most of us philly fans are great fans that are passionate and respectful and only catch a bad rep becuse there is a small contingency of dickheads that decide to act the fool, but the only reason those dickheads do what they do is because most of us good fans stand around and laugh or simply turn a blind eye.


    • I wish this troll would just leave this site and never post again. Doesn’t your mom have chores for you to do or something?

      • i think its a solid bet of who you are at a game. you’re that fan that probably wears a raggedy ass, worn out dawkins black jersey with the iron numbers all faded. flat brim, chin strap, and a pair of over-sized fleece pants complete your game day wardrobe. you took the train down because your 2nd DUI means you cant take your late 90′s impala to the game. not that you could drive it anyway because even the donut tire is starting to rip and tear. after a couple of heinekens in you, you warp into your patented “all mouth but no muscle” persona, but that’s ok because your boys will back you and your 6’1″ 155 lb body frame. you start shit with every person walking by because you think your middle school hallway attitude is still the way to go in life. however, you stop hitting on every chick that walks by because your fat girlfriend just showed up after she bailed on her sunday morning shift at k-mart. needless to say, you dont go in the game because, well you cant afford it. so, you kill the remainder of the boon’s bottle that you brought for you and your girlfriend to celebrate the fact that two of you actually held down a job for more than 3 months.

        • Sorry it took me so long to respond I was laughing so hard. You got me man. I’m actually 6 foot 4 and I live in Philly. I’m homeless and typing this stuff from the public library. Oh and my girlfriend… HUGE. Nothing I like better than waiting for an opposing teams fans with a tire iron in the parking lot after a game. You, sir, are a psychic. Good form.

        • The only thing you got wrong were the chinstrap and car. I can’t grow facial hair because I pour milk on my face and my cat usually licks it off. Also, it’s a 1998 Geo Metro. I’m impressed though. Did you get your psychic skills from your associates in Liberal Arts from Montgomery County CC??

          • DING DING!! Back to your corners, gentlemen. meanwhile, I’m sure there probably are some scribes from the national media who actually were disappointed that mayhem didn’t happen in Philly. No matter, doesn’t bother me.

  11. The real question is: why were these Eagles’ fans in Denver on Thursday night? Must have thought it was in Minnesota…

  12. Candy from the Oak December 13, 2013 at 11:06 am

    Probably a bunch of drunk Mexicans cause its common knowledge that blacks in Denver only use plastic knives

  13. Somebody ask Breer if he’s recovered after his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes played a real football team for once and sucked the fat one. The overrated B1G!

  14. Megyn kelly is a much better anchor than anyone at ABCCBSNBCMSNBCCNN.

  15. Hopefully those who were stabbed were all wearing horse masks. I hate people who wear horse masks. Except John Elway of course, his is permanent.

  16. I agree with Not An Idiot. People need to stop crying about how the national media depicts Philadelphia fans. Frankly, our bad rep is somewhat deserved. Own up to it and enjoy it.

  17. Hey, “Not an idiot” please change your name you are spreading an lie. wish you would leave the site.

  18. These muthafuckas prolly wore chargers jerseys to that game and they got what THEY DESERVED. When will people learn??? You can’t wear that SHIT in other peoples HOUSES. When I see that shit it PISSES me da FUCK off.

  19. Media matters? Laughable

  20. If the Broncos played here and that guy in the horse head showed up the Philly fans would beat the crap out of him. And if he happened to venture down to Pats Steaks not only would they beat the crap out of him they would rip off the head, chop it up and cook on the grill. Less horse meat for Pats to buy from the distributor.

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