Incredibly Awkward Video of Dottie Sandusky Claiming Her Husband is Innocent

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pic via (@MarkHorgas)

Matt Lauer sat down with Dottie Sandusky yesterday for an interview that will air on the Today Show Wednesday. The parameters of the interview were negotiated with NBC by filmmaker turned Sandusky family publicist John Ziegler, who released a mini documentary in 2012 claiming Joe Paterno was made a scapegoat by the national media.

After the interview with Lauer, Ziegler posted a follow-up chat with Dottie and her son, Jeff, on YouTube:

Ziegler explained the video thusly:

Dottie and Jeff Sandusky React to the interview she and John Ziegler did with NBC’s Matt Lauer, which will in edited version on Wednesday March 12th on the Today Show and, according to written agreement with NBC, in its entirety on the NBC website. Dottie has a message for Penn Staters in this video.

In both that description and in the video you can glean the subtext– that Ziegler and Sandusky feel the national media is reckless and will undoubtedly edit the interview to make Dottie seem like a kook. Shouldn’t be too hard.

via The School Philly, which made the very appropriate comparison to Errol Childress’ house of creepYou wanna make flowers?

Bonus video of Ziegler sitting alone in Jerry Sandusky’s basement.


  1. The Philly Drunk

    March 11, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    That’s some serious denial going on there…my god.

  2. Sandusky is the yellow king.

  3. “WE ARE” , we know…..

  4. I think she’s already shown she’s a kook. No more video needed. She should also go to jail for letting some of the criminal acts happen in her own basement while she sat upstairs and let it happen.

  5. Someone tell this stupid bitch to shut her lying mouth. YOU KNEW HE WAS ASS JAMMING THOSE LITTLE BOYS.

  6. Fuck Joe Paterno!

    March 11, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    I almost wish I believed in hell so I could better picture Joe Pa roasting there

  7. Dottie is a pathetic human being who stood by while one of her adopted children was molested by husband.

  8. The sad thing is that there are a hundred thousand hoopies who fill that stadium every Saturday who feel the same way.

  9. That’s why Louie Freeh was brought in to tidy up the investigation……so it wouldnt go any further.
    So Kyle, why all this media coverage now ?

    ps: Graham Spanier has his masters degree in sexual behavior.

    pps: in Kyle’s interview with Bucceroni he said ” They all acted differently when Paterno entered the room.”

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