Our Philly Sports Media Field of 64 Has Gone National

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Two seed Tony Bruno is a weekly guest on Olbermann. Last night, he and Keith discussed the most important bracket in all the land, our Philly Sports Media Field of 64.

Here’s Tony getting out the vote:

Wow. The committee has been alerted to this potentially improper use of established media industry relationships to gain an unfair advantage in voting, but has determined that Tony’s use of the national airwaves is permitted and basically amounts to political candidates using Super PACs to spread their message. The committee applauds, and encourages, this sort of behavior.

You can view the full bracket here. Round 2 voting begins on Monday.

Side note: Love how my cheesy artwork has now been featured on two national TV shows.


  1. Haha, awesome. I loved Olbermann’s jab at Philadelphia politics at the end.

  2. Candy from the Oak

    March 22, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Now work on your cheesy golf outing.

  3. “Al Morganti???”

  4. Keith Olbermann's Shingles

    March 22, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Had to throw Bruno a bone…

  5. Angelo's Inner Voice

    March 22, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    Friggin’ Chrome Dome is so afraid of losing the weak-ass 97.5 regional, that he “just happens to bring up this bracket on national TV” in an attempt to pad his vote total with people who otherwise have no interest in the Philadelphia media scene.

    Lost what little respect I had left for you, Tony.


  6. I didn’t know Tony did that segment. Takes me back to the early days of ESPN2. They just need Bill Pidto and Suzy Kolber.

  7. Yay! It went national! Are you and your service provider handling the flood of national traffic coming in due to a barely noticed tv show? 8 comments…lol.

    Olbermann is a “genius”!

  8. Bruno trying to get votes on national TV is almost
    as embarrassing as a 60 year old guy having a heart problem at a concert for teenagers and hipsters with roommates. I know I am childish and need to grow up but Bruno puts me to shame.
    My situation reminds me of the episode of Two and a Half Men when Charlie had a heart issue while trying to be cool with people one third his age. I have become a punch line for a sitcom.

    At least I am not Brace.

  9. cous's big hairy butt

    March 22, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    bruno is awesome man, hey will the hair pie ever come back?

  10. Senior Citizens Bank Park

    March 22, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    Bruno’s best dig. Chris Carter did not want to play for the Eagles anymore because they would not match what he was making at Ohio State.

  11. I’m not voting for anyone in this tournament, as a means of protesting the following issues:

    1. The overt racism shown by this blog and its commenters.

    2. The obvious racial bias of excluding John Smallwood, Ron Burke, and Marcus Hayes from this bracket, while Kyle’s young, white pals who nobody has heard of are included.

    3. This blog’s complete lack of attention to the Temple basketball program. Yes, we’ve had a slightly less successful season than Villanova or St. Joes, but you should still be supporting all the Philly teams.

    • You sir are a joke. You should be ashamed that every aspect of your life boils down to race. Grow up… its 2014. No one cares about you. Marcus Hayes is a two time hack who cannot write an article to save his life. Everything he says is racist. Look at every article he has written and every tweet he sends out. They ooze of overt racist comments and bigotry. John Smallwood and Ron Burke only have jobs because they are black…..Its called affirmative action which is the textbook definition of racism. Get off this site.

      • I am not a joke. I am a respected member of the higher education community in Philadelphia. I am flabbergasted at the rampant and flippant use of racially-charged commentary here, and the fact that you chose to attack several members of the media (and 3 of my close personal friends) in your comments is appalling.

        I must implore you to see the error in your ways, and cease this divisive behavior. We should all be using this blog for the common good, to bring all peoples together, regardless of race, sex, or economic background.

  12. look at you clowns your posting about voting on a meaningless event u all need to get a life. who give a rats ass who voted and why its a lame attempt for crossing broad to get asswades like you to their website GETTALIFE

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