Bryce Harper’s SportsCenter Commercial is Actually Really Good

My sports world is upside-down lately. The Sixers have a plan, the Phillies don’t, Tom McCarthy did something agreeable, Jonathan Papelbon is making sense, and Bryce Harper acted genuinely cool and funny.

It’s the perfect commercial for Brycecakes, too– he makes fun at his own douchiness and shows everyone that he can do something on-camera without it being paid for (directly, at least) by Under Armour.


  1. fuck bryce harper. that is all.

  2. Why wouldn’t he be paid?

  3. This sucks compared to the best sportscenter commercial ever

    July 10, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    In the world???…. In georgia….


  4. Clown commercial bro.

    I must not have hit you hard enough.

  5. That was terrible.

  6. When I watched that video, I really thought to myself damn that Bryce Harper is so genuinely cool and funny

    this is shit

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