Thousands of Flyers Fans Celebrated the Kings Stanley Cup in Sea Isle Today

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You have some on your chin, Flyers fans. Never mind the fact that John Stevens is trolling his former employer hard right now – not only by bringing the Stanley Cup to Sea Isle, but also by posing on the steps of the Art Museum (for no apparent reason) with it – this is an LA King celebrating his Stanley Cup win. The turnout goes to show what a great hockey town (area) this is, and hey, who doesn’t want to see the Cup on the beach?, but can we show just a little bit of restraint and, at the very least, not wear Flyers t-shirts to a Flyers West parade on the beaches of Flyers East? We’re success confused right now, and I just feel the need to remind you that the Flyers haven’t sniffed the thing in four years, and they haven’t sipped from it since the Ford Administration.

Many photos after the jump.


  1. Major violation on Flyer Fans!

  2. CallingBullshit

    July 17, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Glad to see the slob with the awful ass from the post earlier today isn’t on the beach.

  3. these people have no life



  5. “…this is an LA King celebrating his Stanley Cup win.” Wow, thats rich–coming from the guy who posts more about Kings players than the actual flyers team– and whose flyers “coverage” is nothing more than playing into lazy narratives and negativity just for the sake of it, all while mostly ignoring the actual problems with the team and organization. Not to mention that you shit on flyers fans who examine things subjectively, rather than automatically froth up at the mouth and cry for firings and trades at every flyers story. Yeah, dude…You’re really the one I want judging me on whether or not im a good flyers fan or not. Fucking smug prick.

    And who gives a fuck if people want to see the cup? In case you forgot, youre the one who just made the snide remark about not winning it since the Ford administration. Most of us werent even born for at least another 10- 20 years after that. And even if we had won cups, its not like its a common thing to be around the fucking stanley cup. Nor would everyone have been able to see it at various functions had we won a few times, making a random appearance at the beach a good opportunity for those folks. Whats wrong with wanting to see it? Go fuck yourself and the high h0rse youre on Kyle, you pretentious cunt.

    • Give us all a break Jay.. go get me a cup of coffeee dude

    • Hey Jay – you must have missed that whole thing about being a flyers fan. Too bad your parents never taught you the concept of loyalty. Stevens just fucking trolled you and every Flyer fan on that beach. Congrats.

  6. “We’re success confused right now…”

    We sure are, Kyle. We sure are.

  7. You posted an article about how much you loved Henrik Lundqvist literally yesterday, and have the balls to write an article about people who wanted a picture with the Stanley Cup are bad fans?

    God you are such a fucking ass hat.

    • Kyle Scott

      July 17, 2014 at 2:45 pm

      Read more good: “The turnout goes to show what a great hockey town (area) this is, and hey, who doesn’t want to see the Cup on the beach?, but can we show just a little bit of restraint and, at the very least, not wear Flyers t-shirts to a Flyers West parade on the beaches of Flyers East?”

      • Peter Griffin

        July 17, 2014 at 4:18 pm

        Yea that’s probably it. Waves of people in Philly probably drove to Sea Isle today to see the cup won by a different city….

        Or maybe its because tens of thousands of people are already vacationing at the jersey shore in the middle of July, and just happen to be on the beach when these clowns showed up.

        And yet somehow you have tried to use this as justification of the Philly (area) being a great hockey town. This story gets more and more pathetic by the second.

    • He’s a self-proclaimed “King of the Trolls”. We troll him, so in-turn, he trolls us.

      There’s no way a Philadelphia fan of any sort gives two sh*ts about the Trophy we didn’t win, the Jeter-Wainwright All-star matchup or Lundqvist. At all.

      So thank you, King of the Trolls. Thank you for feeding us. However there is something you already know, but have forgotten. We’ll eat anything. Posting about other teams (especially the hated Rangers) is taking the lazy way out.

      Jim, show your boss how it’s done. He’s apparently too jaded in his post-marriage 6-figure now-a-boss-of-someone mindset.

  8. Hey I just got a great idea, turn this into another terrible shirt that no one will buy.

  9. For Fuck's Sake

    July 17, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    Wow, pictures of a line of fucking douchebags……then pics of said douchebeags…….then a Jeff Carter story……..

    Fuck off.

  10. Seriously Fuck Off

  11. Why are we assuming that everyone in Sea Isle is a Flyers fan?

  12. I am embarrassed to be a Flyers fan today. Jesus H. Christ people these are L. A. KINGS celebrating an L. A. KINGS Stanley Cup win. They came to Sea Isle with the Cup……………….who gives a shit. Oh right, apparently a four block long line of retards does. Carry on.

  13. The Flyers have won The Stanley Cup

    July 17, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    If they brought it to the Atlantic City beach there wouldn’t be a person in line waiting to look at it. The beach is filled “Brothers and Hindu’s”. The closest anyone would come to it is one of the “Brothers” kids might use it as toilet.

  14. Hockey fuckin sucks. 10% of people like it. Can I say that again. Hockey fuckin sucks

  15. Captain Obvious

    July 18, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Am I the only one who recognizes that Stevens just trolled the fuck out of every Flyers fan on that beach and in that town? Watching people in Flyers shirts posing with the cup that LA just won? What the hell is wrong with you people, this guy is shoving shit in your faces and you just smile for the picture?

  16. All those pics and not a single hot broad anywhere. Glad im not missing anything down the shore.

  17. Flyers/Kings/ Richards/Carter posts are easy money for Kyle. Just add water, shake and you get twice as many comments as a post about Joel Embiid’s stinky sneaks or some marginal Eagle tweeting something bro-tastic. Page views. It’s all about the page views. You should be happy there was a post between 3:30 Friday afternoon and 11 AM Monday for you to comment on.

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