Here’s Roy Halladay Pitching to the Common Folk at a New Jersey High School

Voila_Capture 2014-08-12_08-44-37_AM Voila_Capture 2014-08-12_08-44-53_AM

Roy Halladay’s goodwill tour continued deep into the weekend and into this week. As I mentioned previously, the BASSMASTERS (they seem like the type of people who would appreciate you ALL-CAPS-ING their name) were in town, and Halladay, a big fan of the craft, showed up to a cheering crowd for his buddy Skeet Reese’s weigh-in. He also took part in a Shop Rite promotion where he checked out customers in New Jersey, a Pro Camps event where he pitched to the common folk at a New Jersey high school*, and took selfies – lots of them – with everyone he came into contact with. Dude is a selfie machine. Pics and video after the jump.

*The gentlemen in the photo came about as close to making contact as Scott Rolen did during the 2010 NLDS.

H/T to reader Xtreme Winter


  1. Rumor is he’s going to be in a dunk tank at the 97.5 fanatic fantasy sausage fest

  2. I want to see Roy just beam someone with a fastball

  3. That guy has a better swing than a $25 Million PIECE OF FUCKING MONKEY SHIT

  4. I thought Roy Halladay represented everything that is supposed to be good in sports when he was here: He worked his ass off. He was always humble. When he threw his two no hitters or won the Cy Young, he always thanked his teammates or Chooch. When reporters asked him about Hamels getting the nod for opening day over him, he said Cole deserved it.

    He has been even more awesome since he joined Twitter.

  5. So Halladay was at the Shop Rite in Marlton and I missed it!!! WTF son!?!? A good boy would have let his mother know before the future hall of fame pitcher from her favorite team is in her very own town!!!! You ungrateful little shit you.

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