We told you about this already, but here’s the audio, and a full transcription, of Rob Ellis’ open Monday night in which he blasted WIP management over learning about his demotion on Crossing Broad:

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“A lot of confusion. Welcome in, everybody. Yes, Rob Ellis with you. And yes, you’re looking at your clock and you say it’s six-o-clock, and I’m watching… it’s funny… because the monitor right in front of me has Groundhog’s Day on. And I’m thinking: What happened? Did the past year not really happen? Did I just wake up and it’s the same day over and over again? Is that what’s happening right now? Amazing.

No. Actually what happened was, we’ve had a little shakeup in the lineup and some of you may have found out about this Wednesday. You may have read about it on Crossing Broad. That’s exactly how I found out, too. So, stay classy, WIP. That’s exactly how I found out, I read it on Crossing Broad. But, look, this is the business. And sometimes it’s not about your performance, it’s about a lot of other things that go on. So, here’s the deal: I’ve appreciated all the texts, all the Tweets, all the Facebooks — whether it’s good or bad I appreciate people taking the time. And the people who know, know. For the time being, I’m here, and I’ll give you what I’ve always given you here on this station— everything I have. I’ll prepare. I’ll give you a fun show, I’ll give you a good show, I’ll give you an entertaining show, and I’ll let you get your voice out there. Because it’s an interaction. If it’s not for you guys, we don’t exist. So it’s all about you. I’m not gonna sit here all night and me, me, me and I, I, I. Never been my style. Other people’s style here. Not my style. Taking the high road the whole time, and I have my dignity, I have my class, I am a pro and I will continue to do the same thing.

So, if you’re tuning in and hearing me now, that’s the way it is for right now. If you have any questions regarding it, I just work here. So I’m here, and I’m gonna give you everything that I have.”

I actually think he handled that really well– forceful, succinct, to the point, and then moved on.

Ellis doesn’t sound like he’s long for WIP, and don’t be shocked if he winds up on 97.5 at some point later this year.

The move – Tony Bruno and Josh Innes taking over the Afternoon show starting Wednesday – couldn’t have been that much of a surprise, however, as it was pretty much the worst kept secret in local media over the past few weeks. But, finding out about an impending demotion from some asshole who plays the air violin in his spare bedroom is just about as bad as it gets, and perhaps only a hair better than finding out live on-air that you’re being fired, which is what happened to Chicago sports talk radio hosts in November. So it could be worse, Rob. Could be worse. GET ME THE MAESTRO: