Gary Bettman Cool With Pronger’s Awesomeness

Gary Bettman was on a Chicago radio station this morning, and when asked about the behavior of Chris Pronger, the commish said he was completely fine with it.  

Of course he is, ratings are way up.  At this point, Pronger could probably kill a kitten and entomb it in the ice with a zamboni on live TV and Bettman would still be OK with it, because it's good for ratings.

Bettman's comments []

It depends on who you're rooting for, but he's been around long enough
to know how to get close to the line without crossing it.

It's bringing attention to the game.  It's showing our
players have personality.

Ratings are up across the board, and more importantly, there's a real
buzz about it.  All of the games were so close they
could've gone either way, and I think that means we're witnessing
something terrific.

Yeah, now if you can just fix that whole Versus thing.

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