So… he'll still be reading Crossing Broad? (heyyo)

Ryan Lawrence, who does a tremendous job of covering the Phils for the Delco Times, reported the following comment from Werth, prior to yesterday's game:

“What trade talk?  I have other things going on, you know. My focus isn’t to go home, go on mindless blog sites, watch TV. I watch TV, but I haven’t heard. Whatever I’m watching isn’t talking about that, that’s for sure.”

Those mindless blogs, always reporting players' late night casino trips and stuff.

Quite frankly, I'd rather have a player who is struggling take this approach.  It's fun for the media and fans to pontificate about players' off the field actions and trade potential, but it's the player's job to focus on the game.  Werth is at least taking it in stride.  Something Roy Oswalt might not do.

And Jayson, keep reading CB.