Weekend Carts! Jeff Carter Passes Up FHM Model

What were you thinking, Jeff?

Carts was having none of FHM model Lauren Harris' advances at a shore bar on Friday night. 

One person in attendance (who confirmed the story with us) tweeted this around 1 AM Friday- 

"Miss FHM" herself Lauren Harris is here trying to bone Jeff Carter. Bigggg surprise

he wasn't paying attention to her so now she's trying to bang someone else


Sorry Miss FHM 2005, your five years ago hotness isn't good enough for Carts.  He's too busy with Jersey girls and bromances.

 Harris is from Cherry Hill and used to date Mike Richards.

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6 Responses

  1. 1. eww she is ugly.
    2. she was posting on the talksports.com website about herself all week and then went to try to hook up with him. she is a loser. trying to get more attention.
    3. lauren- ur 15 mins of fame is up. get over it

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