Your Morning Carts: Beautiful Soul Edition

Positives: showing support for the Phillies.

Negatives:  wearing Crocs, drinking a screwdriver out of Tupperware shaker, 1999 sunglasses, douchy smily, head band wearing dude on lap (former roommate Ryan Potulny). 


Man on lap.

This picture rivals the John Leguizamo jeans shopping pic on the "oh my god my hockey team's star sniper makes me uncomfortable when he takes odd pictures with men" scale.

But just when you think he might be going back door like Danny Briere, it's pictures like this that save us:


Drink in right hand, check. 

Oh that's nice, the girls conveniently lined up from hot to not for Carts.  Start on photo facing left, Jeff!

Of course there's that, and then there's this disturbing video that actually exists:

That might be bad, but I don't think it's as horrifying as this fan video of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews:

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10 Responses

  1. Wow, where ever did you find these photos and videos? Kind of creepy to know you are lurking on a girlfriend board.

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