And I really really really want this to be the last time I do a "whoa" joke, ever.  For all eternity.

But today on Good Day Philadelphia, Joey Lawrence (no idea why he was on, don't care, don't want to know) told us that Jeffery Lurie sent him a care package with an Eagles jersey.  WHOA!

Why?  Why the fuck did Jeffrey Lurie take the time out of a busy day to acknowledge the existence of Joey Lawrence, let alone have his assistant send him a care package?  And yeah, I know he's from Philly.  But this is the celeb you want hyping the Birds?

The Flyers have Joe Biden in their corner.  The Phillies have Paul Rudd and the Always Sunny gang.  The Eagles have Joey Lawrence, Vince Papale, and Rocky.  Rocky's not even real.

I bet he wears "Ill" shirts.