Johan Santana is a Scumbag

Johan_santan_golfWe posted this a couple of months ago and decided to re-post to give you a little more info about tonight's pitcher for the New York Mets.

Johan Santana told a very different story to police than what we reported yesterday about his golf course affair.  He claims that he and his partner were engaged in a little tomfoolery next to a golf cart path (classy) and that the woman was "very excited and masturbating" (are we sure this isn't Susan Finkelstein?), but she wanted to finish the chore back at her place, according to documents obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Santana, usually known for his endurance, couldn't wait and had to pull out in 1st inning of this one.

"I told her I was about to climax and ejaculated on her right leg."



The woman told investigators a very different story.

Johan didn't say a word, he only whispered for me to 'shush,'" the woman told Detective Osvaldo Gamez of the sheriff's Special Victims Unit. The woman said that Santana kept her under control by tightly gripping her arms and "pulling my hair towards him." She added, "I told Johan to stop on numerous occasions. Johan said he was going to 'cum' and then removed his penis from inside of me and ejaculated on my right leg."


I feel like I need a shower.

It appears to be a bit of a he said, she said.  What we do know is that Johan, who's married with three kids, nailed a chick on a golf course while the Phillies were preparing for the World Series.  Ladies and gentlemen, your New York Mets, the upper thigh of the NL East.


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  2. maybe you scumbag philly writers should reference a year where they actually win the world series and dont get spanked by the better NY team!

  3. I least he didn’t:
    — beat his wife on a public street
    — stomp someone to death in the CBP parking lot
    — vomit on a security guard.

  4. OK, you Mets fans don’t think this is a big deal?? How can you say that this is not a big deal he raped someone. Shame and it all makes sense of course because he knows that golf course very well because he’s always there in October. I can’t believe you don’t even care. I guess that’s what they do up in New York. (Johan is 5-6 and our 47 year old Moyer is 8-6…)

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  6. Well….I guess this shows not ALL of the NY Mets are gay……
    A Proud Philly Phan 🙂

  7. Haha and the NY fans are defending this guy. What a bunch of rapist-loving tools.

  8. New York – where rape is A-OK! Look at all the Mets and Yankees fans defending rape. I bet they’d cheer if they saw a girl getting raped in NY. Maybe they’d petition to make it a time square event.

  9. awwww somebodies bitter. hahahs the only bigger joke then mets fans are their players

  10. awwww somebodies bitter. hahahs the only bigger joke then mets fans are their players

  11. Susan Finkelstein, Jeff Carter’s nightly debauchery, Ryan Howard’s current GF… this is TMZ Philly Sports Style.

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