Mike Richards Playing Men’s Leagues During The Summer


Ryan Howard knows her too.  She must be nice.

So Mike Richards is kind of like you (minus the whole porn star on the lap thing).

While Jeff Carter and Danny Briere are busy bar hopping in Sea Isle, Richie has remained in Canada, playing for "Phil's Phillies" of the Kenora Men's and Ladies' slow pitch softball league.  You can't make this shit up.

Notice current Calgary Flamer Ian White and former Phantom Jeff Szwez (try his Szwezy Balls) on the roster.

But that's not all.  Richie led the Rednex Rebellion (it's a clothing line) ice hockey team to a championship in the 15th Annual Diamonds and Ice Tournament in Kenora- and who said he would have to wait a year to return to the promised land!

The money from that tournament goes to charity, by the way.


So Richie's staying in shape and giving back.  What is Carts up to?  Last we heard he was seen floating on a tube in the bay behind Sea Isle- no joke.

And don't worry Mike, we know you're still a partier at heart.

Jeff carter party

H/T to the Mike Richards board.

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4 Responses

  1. How can you hate on these guys for wanting to and getting laid? I mean when I was in my mid twenties I did the same thing just not on they’re level. I w ent out looked for women drank beer a lot of it and had fun. If Carter wants to buy a house in SIC and have fun during the offseason you can’t hate on that. Don’t be drinking the Hater-ade. It’s bad for you.

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