If you watched last night's game on ESPN, you probably heard Joe Morgan repeadetly refer to the Mets as quiet and mild mannered.

Losers, flashy, more style than substance?  All adjectives that describe Flushing's team.  But mild mannered?  These Mets?  (click to enlarge the douchebaggery)




The same Mets that ejaculate on golf course legs and beat their girlfriend's father?  Those shy Mets?

He said that the Phillies are cocky and confident, taking the field expecting to win.  That part is true.  But Morgan, who is virtually un-listenable anyway, was insinuating that the Phillies were over the top.  He couldn't be more wrong.  The Phillies are winners- they have proven that each of the last four years.  They take the field knowing that they have the upper hand and this drives opposing teams, loser teams like the Mets, crazy.  In comparison, the Mets do seem awestruck when the Phillies take it to them, but please, don't call them mild-mannered.

Of course, we're not calling the Phillies shy either…

In related news, the Mets gave away lunch boxes at last night's game.  One side features Johan Santana, the other side, Francisco Rodriguez.  Role models!