No Joe, The Mets are Not Mild Mannered

If you watched last night's game on ESPN, you probably heard Joe Morgan repeadetly refer to the Mets as quiet and mild mannered.

Losers, flashy, more style than substance?  All adjectives that describe Flushing's team.  But mild mannered?  These Mets?  (click to enlarge the douchebaggery)




The same Mets that ejaculate on golf course legs and beat their girlfriend's father?  Those shy Mets?

He said that the Phillies are cocky and confident, taking the field expecting to win.  That part is true.  But Morgan, who is virtually un-listenable anyway, was insinuating that the Phillies were over the top.  He couldn't be more wrong.  The Phillies are winners- they have proven that each of the last four years.  They take the field knowing that they have the upper hand and this drives opposing teams, loser teams like the Mets, crazy.  In comparison, the Mets do seem awestruck when the Phillies take it to them, but please, don't call them mild-mannered.

Of course, we're not calling the Phillies shy either…

In related news, the Mets gave away lunch boxes at last night's game.  One side features Johan Santana, the other side, Francisco Rodriguez.  Role models!

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18 Responses

  1. He was also getting on my nerves carrying on about how Reyes beat the throw to second. “Diamond Trak proves he ran 8 HUNDREDTHS of a SECOND faster than the ball was thrown.” Maybe he didn’t start running the second the ball was thrown. Maybe such a small fraction of time is irrelevant to the naked eye, which happens to be what the umpire uses. But he just wouldn’t shut the hell up about it!

  2. Glad I actually went to the game instead of listening to this garbage. I live in NY and deal with this all the time. How can any national broadcast give the mets ANY praise? There’s a difference between arrogance and confidence. This team has confidence.
    One good thing about the Mets broadcast team – they don’t praise them every chance they get. Very Larry Andersen like.

  3. Did we have a choice but to listen to those two last night? Yeah, the Mets are really mild mannered.. NOT! The Phils are confident players and they bring it to the field. They’re not obnoxious about it though. When will they ever get the respect that they deserve from these sports announcers? You’re right, I would have rather listened to Wheels last night and that’s saying something. Also, Reyes was called out, case closed and no need to regurgitate the video on it over and over and over again. Yuck!

  4. The Mets equal a whole you can’t make the antics of one of two players take away from the mild manners of the whole team. Come Kyle give us some substance this morning not this bullshit.

  5. it’s not bullshit. the mets are not mild-mannered as a whole. their biggest stars are as cocky as it gets. the point joe morgan was making was ridiculous. the phillies have swagger, but comparatively, the mets are the more obnoxious bunch. that’s not a biased opinion either.

  6. It’s not about being confident, or about being arrogant or cocky. These idiots in the media like Morgan consistently miss the ONE and ONLY reason the Phils peform at a higher level than the Mets: they are simply BETTER baseball players, at almost every position on the field. Trying to imply that if the Mets simply changed their attitude would help them win is idiotic. The Pirates have a great attitude. The Nats are borderline cocky. They all stink. Just like the Mets.

  7. If you can’t fit in the pants, don’t wear them. The Mets don’t fit in the pants, but constantly try to wear them, and we constantly catch them with their pants down. I shouted at my TV the fourth time they showed Reye’s getting thrown out, I don’t care what the call should’ve been, it matters what has been called on the field. How about Castillo bunting from fair territory? They showed that twice, and moved on. The favoritism is astounting…

  8. Joe Morgan is the evil offspring of chris wheeler and gary matthews. The constant onslaught of bumbling fragmented sentences while trying to piece together some train wreck of a story is what ESPN considers color commentary. At least we never have to deal with Sarge and Wheels at the same time. thank God! The only think i like about joe morgan is how he HATES john miller or whatever his name is. After watching the game last night i needed a shower cause i felt dirty having being a victim of the audio sodomy that is ESPN.

  9. Morgan is horrendous. And whoever the producer was who thought it was a good idea to keep pimping “diamond track” on an irrelevant play in the game: Dude, we get it, ESPN has technology that shows human judgment can be flawed. Amazing.

  10. Love this Philadelphia inferiority complex. No matter how far ahead of the Mets, how many NL titles or how many rings the Phillies rack up all their fans can do is talk about their big brother NY.
    You’ll never be as good as New York, Philadelphia is the retarded step son of the Worlds Greatest City and it makes me happy to know that no matter how many bandwagoners hop onto the Phillies you’ll all still be asspained by glorious New York.
    Enjoy your irrelevancy Philly. Enjoy you’re wife beating, fat cheesesteak team.
    Oh and enjoy missing the playoffs with the 2nd biggest payroll in the NL to a team that everyone picked to finish 4th in the division.

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