Don’t expect to see any tweets from members of the Villanova basketball team this year.

It looks like Jay Wright put the kibosh on members of his team tweeting this year.  Not exactly earth-shattering stuff, but more and more college teams are doing this and Villanova appears to have jumped on board as well.  None of the seven players on the team who tweet have done so in a few days, and walk-on Dallas Ouano seemed to confirm that, saying "Goodbye twitter, see you in April."

As someone who went to Villanova and covered their basketball games, Wright doesn’t take kindly to player distractions.  During a meeting with students, someone’s phone went off and I recall him saying that he would absolutely lose it if that happened during a team meeting.

The timing is interesting because Deadspin reported that a Villanova baseball player posted a comment on a message board about the proper way to use steroids.

The basketball team hasn’t been without its own scandal this year.  In March, rumors (that were never proven) popped up about Corey Fisher and Scottie Reynolds’ girlfriend.  And in July, Taylor King left the school for "violating team rules,"  after playing only one year with the Wildcats.  He had a substance abuse problem.

Maybe Doug Collins can do the same thing for the Sixers- at least for Mo Speights.  On second thought, please don’t. 

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