The Morning After: Literally The Worst Start The Eagles Could Have Asked For


That was not the way the Eagles wanted to start the season.  Never mind the fact that they lost, but everything and anything that could have gone wrong for Andy Reid and Co., did go wrong.  Everything- injuries, controversy, old habits creeping in, and bloggers like me to point it all out. 

I think Reid would have rather lost that game 21-0, than have some of this stuff happen.  And I’m not just talking about the injuries.

1)      Quarterback controversy– We're not going to fuel this thing because Kolb deserves more than one half to prove himself, but this is literally the worst outcome the Eagles could have asked for coming out of week one.  Kolb was miserable yesterday (5-10, 24 yards).  Meanwhile, Vick came in and rushed for 103 yards, threw for 175 and a touchdown.  Quite honestly, the differences between the two were as clear as night and day.  Kolb was like the opening act for the real thing.  I don’t particualry like Michael Vick, but he deserves a lot of credit for coming back from prison and still being able to perform at a high-level. 

The Eagles put all of their eggs in Kolb’s basket- quite literally.  They extended his contract this past offseason through 2011.  He will earn a guaranteed $12 million.  Guaranteed.  He must be the best practicer of all-time because seriously, what has he done to warrant any guaranteed money?  Let alone two years worth.  Yesterday was his first real test and he failed miserably.  It is an absolute nightmare scenario for Reid to wake up to articles like this one from ESPN, that make the case for Vick to start (especially since McNabb beat the Cowboys last night).

2)      Injuries– They are a part of the game, but to lose two starters- significant starters- in week one is devasting for a young team.  Leonard Weaver’s injury was gross and sad.  Weaver is by all accounts a good guy (channeling my inner Tolly) and has become rather popular with fans because of his positive Twitter updates and his “Name My Dog” contest.  He was a key veteran piece to the Eagles offense and will be sorely missed.

Also key to the offense was Jamaal Jackson.  The Eagles rushed him back from a torn ACL because the offensive line is questionable at best.  He tore his bicep yesterday and will likely miss the remainder of the season.  I don’t think it’s going too far to call the loss of Jackson and Weaver "catastrophic" for the Eagles' already weak blocking game.

The concussions of Stewart Bradley and Kevin Kolb are also worth keeping an eye on.  It usually takes a few days to guage the severity of them.

3)      Controversey– Besides the quarterback issue, the Eagles will also get some heat for allowing Bradley and Kolb to return to the game.  Kolb’s concussion was less obvious, but Bradley was clearly not OK.  New NFL rules state that you can’t put a player back into a game if he shows any signs of having a concussion.  This is potentially a very serious issue with the NFL.

4)      Same old Reid– “I got to make sure I put them in the right position.  That’s my responsibility to make sure I do a better job there.”  Sound familiar?  At what point is Reid going to start putting players in the right position?

Burning all three timeouts with over five minutes to go in the 4th quarter?  Running Vick directly into the line on 4th and 1 from the shotgun?  Another failure to get points on a two-minute drill (more like three)?  All questions that need to be answered with more than a “my fault.”

Unlike some in this city, I’ve never been one to overly criticize Reid.  I’ve felt that he’s made mistakes, but thought he was a good coach overall.

Yesterday changed that opinion.

When you constantly replace parts and the whole produces the same result, you have to look at the one constant in an equation.  And that’s Andy Reid.

5)      The Jerseys– They looked cool on the field, but as our own Dan Fuller wrote the other day (coming oh-so-close with a 26-18 loss prediction), they are a little too plain.  Perhaps worse, is that the last time the Packers beat the Eagles in Philadelphia in 1962, the Eagles were wearing the same jerseys.  Maybe they should stay away from those the next time the Pack comes to town.

Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?


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  1. I’ve been reading comments over on the Facebook Eagles’ page and everyone is ready to throw Kolb under the bus because he had a bad half (he certainly did) and that Vick will lead us to glory (which he might — but he only played a half). I just think as fans as a whole we are very impatient. Give Kolb a chance when he gets back and if not turn it over to Vick for the rest of the year.
    As far as the jerseys go I think they are cool — I like that they are somewhat plain.

  2. Kolb may need more than a half to prove himself, however…we, as a city, can smell a pussy from a mile away…a horrible, HORRIBLE first impression of what the future holds.

  3. Yeah, Philadelphians sure can smell a pussy from a mile away. Remember when they booed that kid at the draft a decade ago? Yeah, he was a pussy. They knew he’d never last and we should’ve drafted that running back from Texas instead.

  4. I think it’s more a reaction to hearing pretty much every radio host, “football expert”, and local sports writer in town telling us since April that Kevin Kolb is going to be a great QB. Then he craps the bed the first real action of the year after an unimpressive preseason to boot. Counting preseason this is like about 3 full games now without an offensive TD when he was in the game. When people seem to keep going overboard to tell us how great some unproven player is, well the daggers come out early if he isn’t.
    Otherwise in his career he’s been horrible in relief appearances, had a good 2nd half against the Saints in garbage team, and played well vs KC…one of the worst teams of the past decade. That and yesterday’s impotent performance are all we have to go on so far.
    I think a lot of this is bias in favor of QBs with southern accents. They sound like our mental image of what we think a QB should sound like…i.e., Brett Favre, Terry Bradshaw, etc.

  5. Great post, Kyle. Especially this point: “When you constantly replace parts and the whole produces the same result, you have to look at the one constant in an equation. And that’s Andy Reid.”
    I’ve been saying that for years. Conversely, remember when the defense used to “replace parts” and turn over year after year in the early 2000s when Jim Johnson was still the Defensive Coordinator? No disrespect to McDermott, I think he needs a chance to prove himself and come into his own and out of the shadow of his mentor, but it just goes to show what an amazing coach and leader JJ was. Among other things, the secondary totally changed and it seemed like every year there was a new MLB … Trotter, Kirkland, etc. … yet every year, the defense dominated. THAT, my friends, is the sign of a excellent coach/scheme (Johnson).
    Just my two cents.

  6. Look Kolb is the future, Vick is the past. We could possibly win more games with 7 in there. But the truth of the matter is that Kolb is the one who will be here after this season. Why not let him take his lumps this season and LEARN the team so that way we can set him up for greatness in the next few seasons. Vick will not be in Philly next season! so we could go 8-8 7-9 with kolb and then 10+ for the next few seasons! or we could go 10-6 with Vick this year and then be at 6-10 or worse while we let Kolb relearn. Also Vick is nothing more then an athelte(sp) he is not a QB. All he has is legs and a cannon arm. No touch, no precision, and definitly does not have the Smarts to be a true WINNER!

  7. Haha no problem. While we’re on the subject of “the mourning after”, isn’t there a morning after pill that terminates any unwanted results from a disasterous encounter from the night before?

  8. Kyle, look up the definition of literally, please. They literally put eggs in Kolb’s basket? What?
    “The Eagles put all of their eggs in Kolb’s basket- quite literally”

  9. Your title, comment, and reply all contained improper use of the word literally. Are you an eductaed writer or just some blogger?

  10. Honestly, the jerseys were the best part about that game. Other than that, I think there are no positive takeaways except for maybe David Akers proving once more that he is still David Akers. A sad game to say the least even with them almost winning it.

  11. “But Kolb will be great! Look at his two games last year.”
    “Stop picking on Kolb. He only played the first half.”
    Thank God the sensible Eagles fan remains the overwhelming majority.

  12. Ima go with John E. said I dont think I wouldnt be as worried with Kolb if everyone didnt hype this dude to be the Messiah. I think if everyone was just like I guess we’ll see what he can do when it comes to being the starter,the way everyone acted including players like these guys were goin to make a run at the Super Bowl,Im just gonna take this season as a rebuilding year. Im not in no way shape or form throwin Kolb under the bus but im just gonna go with what I always believe,PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Im a huge Vick fan btw, think this guy needs to leave Philly and go start somewhere, I think he would be a great fit for Arizona cause Derreck Anderson is a train wreck.

  13. so…one night I went out with the girls. I had too much to drink and my friends poured me onto to the couch much to my husband’s chagrin. I fell off the couch…rolled right onto the floor. We now call it”pulling a Bradley” Thank GOD my husband wasn’t Andy Reid and the Eagles coaching staff they would have suggested “she’ll be fine. send her in for another round!”

  14. Kyle Scott,
    You are a moron. I don’t believe for one second that you graduated from Villanova.
    “The Eagles put all of their eggs in Kolb’s basket- quite literally”‘
    For this statement to be correct, the Eagles would have had to place eggs in a basket that Kolb owned.

  15. Scott, you’re the same person who comments on a number of different posts posing as “Enrico” from the 700 level. you need to find something better to do with your time. quite literally.

  16. d-money, frank. sometimes i get a phrase stuck in my head for a day and use it over and over without even noticing it. no one is here to proofread my stuff, so that stuff happens from time to time.

  17. Kyle Scott is obviously a jerk thanks to his misuse of the word “literally”. I’d like to point out that all of the entertainment derived from this blog has been ruined in one fell swoop.

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