We may be late on this, but ladies and gentlemen, for the low low price of $40 you can get a vial of brownish water that was formerly the ice at the Mellon Arena.

I’m sure dumpy, struggling to get by Pittsburghians will jump at this opportunity- that’s not sarcastic font either, seriously, those people are insane.

This is the same water that Mario Lemieux used to Christen the ice at their new arena prior to opening night.

Now this may be pickin nit, but shouldn’t it be called “Water From The Igloo?”

Ahh, Pittsburgh.

Speaking of hockey things we hate.  Remember Adam Burish (who!? exactly)?  He was the marginal healthy-scratch that called out Chris Pronger after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.  Well, his new team, the Dallas Stars, will play the Flyers on Feb. 5th and he wanted to make sure Pronger knew that he was sorry.  Read: he’s scared shitless. [Philly.com]

  "You know what? I said some stupid things I probably shouldn't have after that game.  It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing and I'm not gonna sit and make an excuse about it. I've got a lot of respect for the guy. I think he's a Hall of Fame defenseman, one of the best that's ever played the game.  I've moved on and, hopefully, I'm sure they have, too.  I don't think a guy like Chris Pronger, a Hall of Fame defenseman, is really too worried about what a guy like me has to say at the end of the day."


Good luck with that, Adam Burish.