Source: Aaron Gleeman

This is our second annual "Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of the year."  You can find last year's list here.  We will roll out a new moment each day (one over the weekend) from now until New Year's Eve.

Often times (Tim McCarver preamble), the most memorable moments in sports are those that don't necessarily decide the outcome of a game, series, or season.  They are the ones that leave a lasting image in our minds, and have us talking amongst friends for days on end.  And if there's anything that the resurgence of baseball in Philadephia has taught us, it's that a 162 game schedule affords ample opportunities for those moments.

You can tick off a number of memorable ones from this season, that had little to no impact on the long-term success of the team: Tasers, Red Man, Brett Myers sticking his tongue out at Jayson Werth, etc.  But the two most memorable moments featured two players who will play a pivotal role in the future success of the Phillies: Roy Oswalt and Domonic Brown.

Oswalt came to Philly as sort of a consolation prize.  We never wanted to trade Cliff Lee, and after we realized we needed pitching help, we desperately wanted him back.  Instead, Ruben Amaro traded the likable J.A. Happ for Roy Oswalt.  For a couple of weeks, we weren't quite sure what to make of the guy who seemed to prefer the shadows to the bright lights of Philly.  That is, until August 24th.  

Ryan Howard was ejected by Scott Barry in extra innings (epic rant by Larry Anderson), forcing Raul Ibanez to play first base.  With no bench players remaining, Charlie Manuel turned to Roy Oswalt to play left field.  And, sure enough, the first pitch of the inning was hit right to him.  He fielded it effortlessly, then, as he received a standing ovation, cracked a wry smile.  Yep, he was one of us.

Speaking of one of us… Despite the fact that Dom Brown struggled mightily down the stretch and in Winter Ball, he will be uber-important in filling Jayson Werth's shoes in right field.  On July 21st, with much fan fare, Brown made his Major League debut.  He doubled in his first at-bat.

In the grand scheme of the season, neither moment made much of an impact.  But they were the two formal introductions of new members of the Fightins.

Rest of the Top Ten here.  As always, leave your memories of those moments in the comments.