Briere Fined $1,000 for Punching Brandon Prust

Salute to our buddy Stevie Why from Philly Sports Daily for breaking the news that Danny Briere will be fined $1,000 for this:

Fine seems to fit the crime- relatively harmless. It's clear the NHL isn't collectively a big fan of Danny Briere. Earlier this season, he was suspended three games and then, just recently, snubbed as an All-Star selection. That's cool, he just keeps scoring like Jeff Carter on a summer's eve.


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  1. Let’s argue semantics. Punch? More like a love tap to me. They should charge Prust the john instead. I bet that’s the only action he gets this year. And before all you whiners get indignant that I’m implying that Danny is full of man-love (what with shacking up with Giroux and all), like Kyle says, I don’t care how he lives his life as long as he keeps scoring.
    And what about fines for that Pussy named Avery for blows to Carle’s head after he fell to the ice? Thought so. Stay classy, Gary Bettman, Colin Campbell (a former Penguin player and Ranger coach… HMMM), and the rest of the NHL blowhards who have an ax to grind with the Flyers. We know the righteous shall prevail!

  2. So. Just to make sure I’ve got this right… $1k for that, and Avery’s goon status means he gets no fine or any sort of disciplinary action for his cheap shots?
    I don’t know if anyone else gets this feeling, but it just seems like I’m watching a whole team of goons when they play the Rangers. From Torts all the way down to Avery. He’s the definition of a cancer for a sports team.

  3. The NHL does not like the Flyers and I really have to ask why? We are a hard working, gritty team. That is exactly what the NHL originated from….
    I still think their minds are set on the multitude of suspensions and fines we rec’d a few years back.
    The fine is minor as was the play…the NEED for the fine I can understand as it puts the message out there: It is NOT ok to reach out from bench at a player on ice.
    Regardless the hit on Timonen would have been fine/suspension for Prust if it were Crosby. PERIOD.
    Whatever we are still in first place and playing solid hockey (minus most of that 3rd period!)

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