Stop It, Allentown Morning Call

The other day, we told you about this Packers fan who had his car vandalized at Sunday's Eagles game. Clearly, that was much worse than the 8-year-old boy who was tackled in Cleveland.

This story has now been picked up by Pro Football Talk and Shutdown Corner: [Allentown Morning Call]

More likely, it will go down as another example of Philadelphia sports fans at their worst and add to their reputation as out-of-control, violent, destructive drunks and all-around sore losers.

"When I left Green Bay everyone said to be careful — the Philadelphia fans have a reputation," said Peter Coenen, who still lives in Wisconsin and took his son to the game as an early birthday gift. "My son had a Green Bay Packers shirt on. As we drove in, they gave us the finger."

The reputation dates to 1949 when fans threw glass bottles at an umpire for a bad call during a Phillies game. Incidents continued over the years, including the hurling of snowballs at Santa Claus at Franklin Field in 1968 and at the Dallas Cowboys at Veterans Stadium in 1989.


Not even worth our words.

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  1. OMG a Packers fan came to an Eagles game and someone gave him the finger and his sideview mirror was broken! Savages.
    Taking your kid to a game in an opposing team’s city isn’t a birthday gift. It’s bad parenting.

  2. idk why you guys care so much. the media just needs something to talk about, and come to think of it i like people thinking we’re tough fans. it shows we care.i want people to be afraid of coming to our sporting events if they arent philly fans. idc what other people think of us, they can say what they want(its often wrong and full of bullshit). fuck em who cares what other people outside philly think.

  3. Hey, at least someone finally acknowledged that the Santa incident happened 43 fucking years ago.

  4. as a philly fan i don’t see why we get defensive about this. if you want to stop the stories about philly fans… STOP VANDALIZING CARS. THIS IS NOT OKAY AND IT’S EXACTLY WHY WE HAVE THIS REPUTATION. We keep enabling this behavior by dismissing it or defending it. I’m a huge philly sports fan and I understand how ridiculous the media is when characterizing us but we deserve it until we stop running on the field, stop vandalizing people’s cars, and doing anything else thats going to result in the santa claus story. I’m sorry we deserve it until we make it stop.

  5. To say that Philly Fans are the only ones who vandalize cars is pure idiocy, There will always be a fan who takes something to the extreme. Philly, just happens to have more extreme fans per capita than any other sports town.

  6. yea this happens everywhere. and we do deserve the media saying we do this shit but who cares were intense fans and thats what i like about being a Philadelphian. we care about are sports and provide an intense atmosphere which is how it should be. this shit happens everywhere, more so here, and thats how i like it.

  7. I’m gonna keep propagating the “bad Philly fan” stereotype by shitting on the hood of someones car that is a fan of the opposing team at a sporting event.

  8. Good god, the media just needs to freaking stop it. This crap happens all over the country at football games. I live in Baltimore and I KNOW FOR A FACT that this is a regular occurence at Ravens/Steelers games. This ish is just getting old.

  9. Before I say this let me just say that I am a huge Philly sports fan and an Eagles season ticket holder… but for the most part, the fans around here suck. Most of them are a bunch of front-running cry babies who don’t know shit about what they are even looking at. Please don’t try and defend the mind bogglingly moronic acts of this fan base. You’re just setting yourself up to be let down when something like this happens AGAIN (which it will) within the next 6 months.

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