The Flyers Guardian is Equally as Weird as the Whole Concept, We Prefer The Carts

In case you haven't heard, the NHL is slowly unveiling comic book heros for each of the teams in the league.  Why?  We're not sure.

Puck DaddyBroad Street Hockey, and PSD have already lambasted the concept, which includes plans to potentially make comic books, books, movies, etc.  Here's a thought- sell the product, you know, ice hockey.  It's a good sport.

The Flyers' guardian, creatively named… wait for it… The Flyer, is a punishing warrior of Broad Street, a master of telekinesis, and controls the mind with a granite chin. Right, exactly what I was thinking too.

Comic book legend Stan Lee is designing the project, for a large payday, no doubt.  The "Guardians" will first do battle during the NHL All-Star Game on Versus.  Can you feel the excitement?

Video of The Flyer after the jump.

Here's my idea: Screw The Flyer, let's have The Carts represent us.  He's a cowboy hat wearin', courtside sittin', bro icing bleached blonde Canadian boy with a deadly wrist shot who summers at the jersey shore, protecting us from the evil ways of of reaching your potential and only struggles to get it up when Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals are on the line.  That's his kryptonite- playoffs.

Or Bobby Clarke.  Yeah, Bobby Clarke would have been a better choice.  T-shirts already made.

Jeff_carter_sixers"The Carts, he's real!"


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  1. The Pittsburgh Penguins: Your favorite NHL team would be that good too if they had as many first and second overall picks as the Pens did from 03-06 says:

    I really hope when they say in the video that “the superheroes are about to face the world’s deadliest villain”, that they’re either talking about that idiotic cabby beater Kane, or Cindy Crysby.

  2. Why does the Blackhawk get to look all badass, but we’re stuck with the guy with the psychic chin? The public’s hatred of Philly lives on…

  3. So this is how the NHL plans to cement its place as a top 4 sport in the US? I remember when comic books were cool.

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