Roy Halladay received his Cy Young award at the Baseball Writers Association of America dinner on Saturday. Pic via (@everybody_hits).

A few quick notes:

– April 2nd. Phillies. Tailgate. Beer. Food. Cliff Lee. Be there.

Expect more details soon for our tailgate with Philly Phaithful on the first Saturday of the season. Cliff Lee would be the anticipated starter. You can get tickets for under $50 Crossing Broad Tickets.

– It's freezing outside.

The roundup:

Dan Carcillo's fight with Jake Dowell was awesome.

– Syracuse fans don't know how to high five.

ENOUGH! with the Eagles Bloviations.

Asante Samuel killed Jay Cutler via Twitter.

– Philly ads dominate Penn Station (thanks to reader Greg).

– Site that caters to Philly sports fans defending our honor.

– Here's a guy who says that depth perception played a part in Sidney Crosby's concussion.

– The Chicago Tribune spelled Bubovsky wrong. You might want to learn the name of your master.