Your Monday Morning Roundup

Roy Halladay received his Cy Young award at the Baseball Writers Association of America dinner on Saturday. Pic via (@everybody_hits).

A few quick notes:

– April 2nd. Phillies. Tailgate. Beer. Food. Cliff Lee. Be there.

Expect more details soon for our tailgate with Philly Phaithful on the first Saturday of the season. Cliff Lee would be the anticipated starter. You can get tickets for under $50 Crossing Broad Tickets.

– It's freezing outside.

The roundup:

Dan Carcillo's fight with Jake Dowell was awesome.

– Syracuse fans don't know how to high five.

ENOUGH! with the Eagles Bloviations.

Asante Samuel killed Jay Cutler via Twitter.

– Philly ads dominate Penn Station (thanks to reader Greg).

– Site that caters to Philly sports fans defending our honor.

– Here's a guy who says that depth perception played a part in Sidney Crosby's concussion.

– The Chicago Tribune spelled Bubovsky wrong. You might want to learn the name of your master.

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4 Responses

  1. ahhhh good ol roy! (no homo) totally love this guy! makes me smile knowing that baseball is coming soon and we have this freaking guy!

  2. I like Asante as much as the next guy, but isn’t it ironic that he missed the game against the bears this year with a sprained MCL? Same shit that Cutler was diagnosed with.
    Who knows though, maybe Asante would have played if it were a playoff game.

  3. Great find on that Crosby article. The author says this: “Few have ever seen Crosby get hit like he was by Steckel, seemingly caught unaware of his position on the ice and, more importantly, the position of opposing players and his proximity to danger.” Despite the conditions, everyone has a Lindros moment. Anyway, I’ll speculate that the ice conditions were a factor for a totally different from the idea that the venue altered the players depth perception. If you look at the replay, Steckel is trying to sidestep Syd when he hits him. I bet if the ice was in better condition he would have been more successful with that sidestep move.
    Also, Did you see the HBO 24/7 episode that aired after the game? They had footage of Syd in the locker room during the intermission after that hit (don’t know if they have the clip online, being HBO). He did not know were the hell he was. How could anyone have let him go onto the ice after that, much less play a few days later?
    I must admit as much as I hate the Penqueens and Syd (for being such a crybaby diva), I do genuinely feel bad for anyone experiencing trauma to the head like that. I’ve had firsthand experience and I’m still not right in the head after mine. So I know he’ll have issues for the rest of his life.

  4. PS: The Tribune is literally (and morally) bankrupt, so they can’t pay for spell-checkers. They might as well let the readers make corrections (like Wikipedia). Either that, or they just translated it from Cyrillic incorrectly: Бобровский.

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