Couple of quick notes to start:

– Thanks to the fine folks at Chevy, who gave me a brand new 2011 Cruze to drive around for the last few days.  The car handled well on some slick and snow covered roads.

– If you saw the ad for "Inside the Game" that was living on the right rail and were planning on going, know that the event has been cancelled.  There were some scheduling conflicts with some of the talent.

– Join John Miller and Kevin Reilly tonight at Rock Bottom in King of Prussia.  They will be breaking down the Eagles game from 7-8:30 with the Philly Sports Daily guys.

The Roundup:

Jon Heyman doesn't like our city

– DeSean Jackson dedicated yesterday's game to this girl.  Good story.

– Penguins fans didn't like our Sidney Crosby post.  Too bad.  You can still get two t-shirts for $39.99.

– In case you missed it, Dallas Green's granddaughter was killed in Saturday's shooting at an Arizona super market.

Break.com makes video about Vick's path to redemption- low blow.

Aces and catchers report in 34 days.

– Found another Xtranormal video on YouTube: Jeff Carter talks to Michael Leighton- video after the jump