Isaiah Armwood Punches Nasir Robinson, Ryan Howard Takes in Villanova Game


Just about every bar in the country, at 10:30 P.M. on a Saturday, had this subtle jab from Isaiah Armwood on its screens.

The brilliance of the punch was in its subtlety. Armwood, who quickly put his arm Mouphtaou Yarou, nonchalanty grazed Robinson’s face, like that yawn move Zack Morris always laid on Kelly Kapowski. Only Armwood punched a guy. Same difference.

Meanwhile, as pitchers and catchers are getting ready in Clearwater, Ryan Howard took a page of of Mike Richards’ book and sat courtside with girlfriend Krystle Campbell, who seems to look different in every picture. This here was “School Marm” look. Piece, on the other hand? Gangsta.


Also, I’m fairly certain Scott Eyre is now working security at the Pavilion. That picture, which includes Howard talking to Digger Phelps, after the jump. Armwood punch video, too.


via Nova CC Girl


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  1. “[Krystle Campbell] seems to look different in every picture.”
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  2. This faggot should be kicked off the team. Sneaking another man like a little bitch. I guess that what happens when you go to Villanova, you become a fucking faggot

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