Patrick Kane, Drunk Again, and Mike Richards in His Yankees Cap, Again

Patrick Kane missed practice on Monday and Tuesday with flu-like symptoms. Or a hangover.

The above pic comes from Deadspin (a few more over there) and was taken on Sunday night at a Chicago bar. Forget about the potentially skipping practice because he was hungover thing. What is with that sweater? It looks like he was molested by that dude from Blue's Clues. It's a step up from the shirtless look Kane rocked in the limo with Kris Versteeg, however. Glad to see the Yankees hat is treating him well. Same one, I assume?

Speaking of Yankees hats…


via (@BennyBananas)

Taken at PBR in Olde City. Although, it is better than this one worn at (I believe) the Sixers opener:

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  1. Can we please stop giving a shit that he wears a Yankees hat? He’s not from Philadelphia, get over it.

  2. Anyone who likes the yankees or sports their gear is a giant douche, especially richie…Kyle, we should organize a phillies hat toss at an upcoming game.

  3. Richards just wants to be like Kane.
    And why does he hang out with Carter, who is a total tool-bag?
    And he shouldn’t be wearing a Yankees hat…disrespectful to his Philadelphia fans as well as the team across the street. Some things you just don’t do in this town. Remember when AI wore the Cowboys jersey?

  4. anyone who gives a shit what any of these guys wear is a complete and total faggot and needs to get a life.

  5. I understand both sides on this one. In reality, it is just a hat and I’m sure we all believe he wouldn’t root fot them and plus, the yankees colors are a popular combination. On the other hand, you have the captain of the Flyers wearing a hat by the most hated city for Philadelphians.
    Simply put, just don’t do it.

  6. Carter is also sporting a MLB hat? which team is it? they are all Canadian, not from toronto, so what hat would be acceptable besides phillies? if he wants to be a yankee fan who cares. its not like lebron being from cleveland and wearing a yankee hat.

  7. What the hell is that in front of Richie’s right forearm?
    Now he’s out with flu-like symptoms for the Canes game (actually near mid-1p and they’re down 2-0 already). Anybody see a pattern?

  8. “What is the pattern you are auggesting?” Posted by: Shawn | February 18, 2011 at 08:47 PM
    Thst you sre hsving difficulty aepsrsting your s’a from your a’a.
    Seriously, both Kane and Richards were hats from a certain baseball team in NYC while out for a night on the town with the bros. And now both are missing games for flu-like symptoms. Of course, Richie looks like he has enough brain cells left functioning to pose a nice smile for the camera ( and it looks like he can hold his alcohol, if he had any), so he may be really sick.
    In any case, get that f*cking influenza-ridden cap off your head and get your arse well again for Sunday at the F*cking Rangers.

  9. HE DID PLAY FOR THE KITCHENER RANGERS but the fair weathered Flyers fans on here probably don’t even realize that. Just because he wears a Yankees hat as a style as does mostly every single public figure at one point or another doesn’t make him less of a Philadelphian.

  10. and it would be cool if you stop bashing him on his sweater and just about everything else about him just because you guys don’t die hard like the Flyers. The man gets more girls in one night with Carter then you’ll get in one night. That’s pretty boss.

  11. Well the way you are trying to associate missing a game/practice to what hat these players “were” makes no sense at all and completely discredits any comment following. Richards did an interview right before the game and seemed completely fine, so i think his flu-like symptoms are much more credible than Kane.

  12. he may be wearing a yankees hat, but at least he’s wearing it the right way instead of wearing it like a wannabe “gangsta” like half the jackasses that wear yankees hats as fashion statements do.

  13. I’m a bit taken back my fellow CB readers failed to mention that men aren’t supposed to do that stupid, duck-faced kiss pose…isn’t he the same dude who thought Pronger’s gay??

  14. jvillejoey, if you see the picture from you can see there is a girl in the picture, so the reason behind the face are explainable simply by: he’s trying to “get it in”.
    The effort is commendable

  15. I don’t like the fact that he i swearing a Yankee hat, but what really bothers me is who’s Pink Blackberry is that?

  16. I think I can solve your blackberry question. If you look you can see the leg/thigh of most likely a female next to Carcillo and I am assuming (hopefully correct) that it is her phone.

  17. This picture is months old, has been floating around the web for a while. So, for the guy insinuating the pics are connected, or that this was taken after he was scratched for the flu, wrong and wrong.

  18. “and it would be cool if you stop bashing him on his sweater and just about everything else about him just because you guys don’t die hard like the Flyers.” Posted by: Brian Dorkmink | February 19, 2011 at 12:26 AM
    @Brian Dorkmink: I think Laddie was making fun of Kane’s “gay” too-tight cardigan, not Richie’s attire.
    @Short-bus Shawn: Why “wear” you taking me at all seriously? Don’t you know I’m Iron Balls and have rust for brains? And don’t make fun off my limited writing skills. Old Man Bronze Balls gave me a real world edyoucation by making me work for the family and going with home-skoold instead of going to grade skool.
    Anyway, great bounce back by the Flyers against the NY Gayngers on National TV. OK, Boosh let 2 in but otherwise stood on his head with all the shots the Gayngers kept slinging his way. Both him and S-Bob has been making sum awesome saves lately.

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