Roy and Cliff Worked Out at CBP Yesterday

Roy_halladay_runningWe confirmed this picture was taken last week in nine degree weather

Oh yes they did. Imagine being a fly on the wall to witness that twosome. 

Halladay, Shane Victorino, and Charlie Manuel were all in attendance for the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association Dinner, where Halladay was honored as Outstanding Athlete of the Year (more on that shortly).

Beforehand, Halladay, who worked out with Cliff Lee (swoon) yesterday, spoke with reporters about being ready to go: [Delco Times]

“The longer you play, the more important (winning a championship) becomes. I think for all of us, we’re to the point where we’ve had success, and once you do that, the most important thing becomes winning. I know Oswalt is the same way. I know Cliff is the same way. It’s that point in your career where you really start having to chase it. To be able to be on this team, right now, we all have to like our chances.”


So do I, Roy. So do I.

Someone should tell Howard Eskin about these quotes, he seemed to be wondering.


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