Video: Charlie Sheen Drops an Allen Iverson Reference

We're really reaching for ways to post Charlie Sheen stories now, but luckily, mid-way through this rant on the Today Show, Sheen dropped an AI practice? reference… so now we can post it.

Ever miss a day of work?

Not a day that ever cost anybody any money. I missed a day of practice. We're talking about practice, to quote the great Allen Iverson. Practice. Come on guys, we're talking about practice.



Lord help us all if Sheen, who is now hanging out with Lenny Dykstra and Brian Wilson, ever buddies up with Allen Iverson (also bottoming out). 

Watch it, after the jump.

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3 Responses

  1. I didn’t think that could be worse than it sounded just reading it. Then I watched the video. Had to stop it 20 seconds in because it was inducing far too many cringes. Jesus.

  2. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. He looks like shit. Good thing i like actors crazy. Well done Sheen…

  3. Man, oh, man. Sheen makes Mel Gibson’s meltdown look like amateur night in Dixie. Given his love for illicit chemicals, if Charlie’s still alive a year from now, I’ll be shocked. He looks well on his way to ending up Hollywood’s next famous star on the obit page.

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