Here they are. R2C2 wants Joe Blanton included in all photos and interviews? Done.

Ladies and Gentlement, your Philly 5.

Oh yeah, these are best enjoyed while listening to Down With Webster's remix of Hall & Oates' Rich Girl.

Hop it.

Fab_five Fab_five

And a Fat Joe and the Terror Squad Chippendales Jib Jab.

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Before the haters come out in force, please note that this is all for the sake of humor. Joe Blanton, if he pitches his average season, may well be the best fifth starter in the league.

You can find the rest of the R2C2 Photoshops here here and here.

We'll be accepting more- perhaps a Where's Joe B? theme- and will post if we get enough.

Fat Joe and the Terror Squad name courtesy of Angelo in the comments.

H/T to Adam, Brian, Paul, Edward, Amdanda, Tom, Jason and Spencer for sending.