Cliff_lee_boomWhy didn't you come to the Yankees?


In case you were one of the 900 people asking about Cliff Lee's shirt, Nike has said they WILL go on-sale at some point soon. They should be in-stock at the Majestic Clubhouse store at CBP. But if you think that's cool, you should and see what we have coming out at Philly Phaithful.

Couple of quick notes:

– We are going to reduce the frequency of the CB Six Pack. We tried to do it daily, but the fact of the matter is it takes a little while to create all the questions, find the pictures, and post it every morning. It was infringing upon us keeping up on everything that was going on in the sports world. We'll do it once or twice a week- it will be much more creative that way. We'll post the results of the fantasy question when we do the Six Pack this week, and we'll continue to post new questions, for prizes, on a weekly basis.

– Speaking of new features, keep sending your questions, Tweets, or comments for the CB Mailbag. We'll have a second edition coming up this week.

– You can take 10% off your entire in-store purchase at BC Sports. It's simple, click here to view a list of locations, go into the store, save 10%. Simple.

– The folks from the Business of Sports are having another networking event on Monday, March 28th, at the Field House fom 6:30-9:30 (tenative start time). Always a good event, with a number of connected sports folks. You can find all of the details here.

– Beginning today, I will be a featured blogger on You can find my stuff on the right hand side of the page under CBS Philly Blogs. It will give me a chance to expand on some of the stuff on site and reach an entirely different audience. Our links will also soon be featured on the CBS Philly sports page. 

– You can get the new Mike Richards Shorthanded Assassin shirt or the Flyrish shirt right here.

The roundup:

– Jeff Lurie won an Oscar.

Chase Utley is hurt– we were right all along.

Jayson Werth hates the Phillies. GM Mike Rizzo denies that was ever said.

Pictures of the Phillies golfing in Florida.

The Sixers are over .500.

Charlie Sheen and Lenny Dykstra– from Friday, if you missed it.

– And DeSean Jackson shot a Nike commercial this weekend with Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudemire.