"I catch baby" Thanks to reader Sean for the excellent Photoshop


Chooch is reproducing!

He's also WINNING. He named his son Carlos, to complement his other son, 8-year-old Carlos Jr. Yep, just like the six George Foremans. Amazing.


Catcher Carlos Ruiz left the Philadelphia Phillies' camp on Wednesday to travel to Panama to attend to a family matter, the team said.

The team did not disclose the nature of the family matter, but a source close to Ruiz told that the catcher's wife had a Cesarean section on Tuesday. Her doctors recommended the procedure because the baby was in an awkward position.

The baby boy, who weighed 9 pounds at birth, is the couple's first child, and Ruiz's second.


He looked liked a Carlos.

Did anyone know he was married? Is it one of those weird common law marriages like Francisco Rodriguez has? Seems that way, still has him listed as single.

Some powerful seed going around in that battery as of late. We just found out Roy Oswalt had a kid during the NLCS and that Stephenie Kendrick is expecting in September.

Now, more Carlos(es?). As reader Schultzie pointed out, Carlos was born nearly nine months to the day of Roy Halladay's perfect game. Hmm.

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