Kris_versteeg_carVersteeg's car- pre-vandalization

Not a game. Practice.

What does a rapping, sports car driving, extrovert hockey player say to President Obama when he invites him to his home?  "No."

Sam Carchidi reports that Kris Versteeg and Nick Boynton, both members of last year's Stanley Cup winning Blackhawks, declined invitations to visit the White House with the Blackhawks next Friday.

Versteeg and Boynton decline invitations to go to White House with SC champ Chi. next Fri. Want to practice with the Flyers.


I told you there was something to like about Versteeg. had him mic'd up for practice on Monday- yeah, the one where the Flyers did all that skating. Maybe he made the wrong decision… video after the jump.

Side note: Jeff Carter left the team due to a death in the family. He may be back for Saturday's game. Condolences to Carter. For real.