Mike Richards Finally Rocks a Phillies Cap

Welcome to the party, Mike. Glad to have you. #34 is Halladay, #33 is Lee, #44 is Oswalt, #35 is Hamels, and Carlos Ruiz has two sons named Carlos.

Nice scarf.

via the great Stevie Why


8 Responses

  1. The real question is, what are they watching in the background. I am assuming it was 11:10am today after practice, and that looks like the discovery channel logo. Are the Flyers watching Swamp Loggers?

  2. Cool.
    Don’t care if he wears a Yankees cap ince in a while. If it’s a Mets cap, we’re gonna have a problem.

  3. he actually has worn phillies hats before…maybe you just never saw it? there is a picture of him with a little kid and richie is rocking the phils hat plus him and carter go to the phillies games so yeah just sayin..

  4. Not like I care, but it’s in the Yankee.s navy blue.
    Look, I don’t care if he wears nothing but a ballareena’s tootoo from today to kingdom-come as long as he and the Flyers win Lord Stanley’s Chalice, AND SOON!

  5. Iron Balls… are you color blind?
    The hat in that picture is most definitely not any shade of blue…
    It’s like a super dark magenta..
    That being said… I agree with you altogether. Don’t give a shit about what hats he wears, as long as they win when it counts.

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