Seems Mo Speights Doesn’t Like Evan Turner’s New Shoe, Continues to be a Jackass

It looks like we're not the only ones who don't like Evan Turner's new Rocketeer style shoe. Mo Speights took to Twitter to make fun of The Kid's new shoe and to also continue being a jackass.

Speights_tweet4 Speights_tweet4 Speights_tweet4

So, what did we learn from this exchange? Speights doesn't like Turner's new shoe and he thinks he gets soft sometimes. We already knew Speights was an uneducated prick.


20 Responses

  1. Mo dumbass comments. Tweet a real highlight sometime, like ‘I started a game’, ‘I played more than 10 minutes this week’ or ‘I didn’t make a boneheaded play tonight’.

  2. “Uneducated prick”…really dude? do you know him personally? Seems excessive to judge a kid we barely know. I normally support this site but thats wrong.

  3. And where does Mo shop for his shoes, Payless? Sounds like jealousy to me since Evan has a shoe deal and Speights probably doesn’t.

  4. He was on my plane, coming back from Tampa after the All Star break. I didn’t have any words with him until after we got off and waited by the bag claim, buit I can tell you first hand, yeah he is a real asshole. He acts like he’s the shit, when he rides the bench for a .500 team. I was so close to saying I hated thatw e drafted you, and that we wasted it instead of getting Hibbert.

  5. You don’t have to know Mo personally to know he’s an uneducated prick. Have you ever heard his interviews? Dude can’t string together a whole sentence with a single strain of an intelligent thought. He’s hating on Turner cause he’s better, smarter, has a shoe deal…wow there’s way too many reasons to post. Oh and shame on the author of this piece for linking the same page twice. You’re better then that, clean it up next time!

  6. I think it’s clear he’s screwing around with Turner and there is no ill will between the two. You guys are reading way too much into a nonsense “tweet” amongst the two. And I’m sure you would have told a 6 foot 10 NBA player that he sucks to his face keep being tough from behind your keyboard.

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