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Tremendous article on about Ruben Amaro and, more specifically, the Cliff Lee signing. Most of the details of the deal have already been reported (including what we first reported right hither), but this part is just oozing with thick layers of awesome:

Conceding defeat, Proefrock sent Braunecker a text. “I feel sick about this,” he wrote. Braunecker’s response: “I feel the same way.” It was that response, so emotional, so devoid of cunning and games, that gave Proefrock the feeling that maybe, just maybe, there was still a shred of hope. They would make one last offer: $120 million. Five years.

Later that night, Amaro’s cell phone rang. “Ruben?” Once again, the voice of Braunecker on the other end. “You got Cliff back.”


I'm not going to lie, I got a little choked up at that last line. Somewhere, there is analogy to be made about college sweethearts breaking up then rekindling the flame via intriguing and mysterious text messages just days before the fecund protagonist was set to marry some rich, not as cool, but slightly more successful older dude. I just can't seem to find it. Either way, I'm moved.

Then there's this:

IT'S IRONIC, PERHAPS, that the first bit of feedback Amaro received after the good news broke was not one of praise, but derision. It came in the form of a text from the recently expatriated Jayson Werth. All it said was this:


“That reaction from Jayson was funny,” says Amaro in his office in February, again flashing that smile. “He was pissed off. He had just signed with Washington. He said to me, ‘You dumbass. You could’ve had both of us.’ And I said, ‘You’re the dumbass. You could have taken our arbitration offer.’”


I would have paid about $722 to see the reaction on Werth's face when Ruben fired that back at him. Of course, 100 bones will get you a trip to D.C. to see the bitter beard for yourself. Yay shameless plugs.

Great read from Philly Mag here.

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