Carter_richards_carcilloSurprisingly, it's not PBR and v-necks

Being away for a few days left me a bunch of links to get to this week. Seeing as though I'm due to speak to college class this morning (look out, future of our nation), here are some stories that we haven't been able to get to:

– About 12 people have sent me this over the last few days. We're admittedly a few days late on it, but if you've ever watched Flyers Post Game Live, you'll often see what looks to be a Slurpee machine in the locker room. It turns out the contraption houses a special concoction put together by the Flyers' medical staff. Like Gatorate, it's designed to replace sodium, potassium, and magnesium to prevent cramping. Unlike Gatordate, it's frozen, which allows the body to cool more quickly:

For some, that would sound as simple as drinking a Gatorade, which some players still do.

But for most, Gatorade can't replace the levels of sodium, potassium and magnesium, which can be added as a supplement to any given slush drink. The fact that the drink is frozen – and not room temperature or a little cooler like Gatorade – cools down the players' internal organs quicker.

That, in turn, reduces core body temperature, slows sweating and begins the healing and recovery process faster. If used during a game, as Boucher does during stoppages, it can make a big difference.


The machine is too big to take on the road… sooo there's another reason to sew up a number one overall seed. Good story from Frank Seravalli at

– That was new-age Flyers. This is throwback Flyers. Check out this badass Flyers head coach cardigan from Mitchell & Ness (not an ad). Yes please.

– People like Mike (Vick) more.

– Here's video of Roy Oswalt talking about being clocked in the head.

– Jay Wright will be in studio for CBS tonight.

– The Nationals put their GM on the cover of their media guide. Heh.

– Mark Recchi, ex-Canadien, says his former team embellished the severity of Max Pacioretty’s injury. Dumb.

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– A ton of people have signed up for our tailgate on April 2nd to see Clifton's first start. More details and tickets here.