Howard Eskin Says Chris Pronger Broke His Hand Again


UPDATE: Paul Holmgren, obviously, denied the report that Pronger re-broke his hand. We will likely never know.

And how is your Monday?

Last night on Sports Final, Howard Eskin said sources told him that Chris Pronger's "setback" at the end of March was actually a re-break of the hand. It required him to have a plate installed, which is the reason why he hasn't shot a puck since.

That would explain the delay in his healing. But – pats self on back – we (sort of) already told you that on Thursday:

What sort of setback does one suffer with an in-the-process-of-healing broken hand that  forces him to stop shooting for two weeks? If you read between the lines, you can pretty much draw that conclusion on your own- it’s the same one a few connected folks have told me. Bones take about six weeks to heal. He was shooting at two. Now he’s not shooting. You. Do. Math.


In either case, the tidbit about him having surgery again is new. The "setback" occured on March 31st, which, if true, would put him only about three weeks out from surgery and seem to jive with the Game 5 return target- the initial prognosis when he first broke his hand was three-to-four weeks. Pronger did, however, make the trip to Buffalo- most likely to fuck with the media.

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  1. eskin is an idiot. who the hell cares what he thinks. He gets his ass kicked every drivetime by missanelli…

  2. First Pronger is deff. screwing with the media and I truely give him credit for taking a huge burden off of Richards and the team in games 1 and 2… and second thought… if anyone ever questions Richards ability to lead this team again… they will be shot on site… idiots… just idiots

  3. love seravalli and gormley looking like scorned lovers in this video…maybe frankie should pop the collar and put on his David Hasselhoff look.

  4. I don’t think the part about surgery is new as there were rumors at the time about him having “an additional procedure” in Pittsburgh when he suffered the setback.

  5. Hold on.
    You printed on Thursday about the setback.
    Eskin “confirms” this last night.
    Flyers deny.
    Couldn’t have Eskin or someone connected to him, just lift this sites own theory and then run with it? Not like it hasn’t happened before. Just because Eskin is making up his own fantasies on your theories doesn’t make it true.
    Wouldn’t have SOMEONE noticed that Pronger went BACK in for surgery at the end of March?

  6. He’s an asset, but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:They can keep on winning without him!
    All they gotta do is not get stupid with turnovers in their own zone (Carle being not up to snuff occasionally and O’Donnell being too old sometimes). And without him on the PP, they need to give up looking for the perfect shot (like Mezzy always does) from the blue line and just get it to the crease and have the free-for-all in front of the goal and try to get it in by brute force. I liked that this is what they tried somewhat with JVR in the QB slot in G2.
    And stop putting Kris “Turnover” Versteeg out there during the PK! I cringe whenever I see him handling the puck in the Flyers’ zone.
    The only think besides their mental lapses and their over-thinking about setting up plays is the Refs making lopsided calls on them, despite being one of the most disciplined teams to wear the Orange, Black, and White.

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