UPDATE: Paul Holmgren, obviously, denied the report that Pronger re-broke his hand. We will likely never know.

And how is your Monday?

Last night on Sports Final, Howard Eskin said sources told him that Chris Pronger's "setback" at the end of March was actually a re-break of the hand. It required him to have a plate installed, which is the reason why he hasn't shot a puck since.

That would explain the delay in his healing. But – pats self on back – we (sort of) already told you that on Thursday:

What sort of setback does one suffer with an in-the-process-of-healing broken hand that  forces him to stop shooting for two weeks? If you read between the lines, you can pretty much draw that conclusion on your own- it’s the same one a few connected folks have told me. Bones take about six weeks to heal. He was shooting at two. Now he’s not shooting. You. Do. Math.


In either case, the tidbit about him having surgery again is new. The "setback" occured on March 31st, which, if true, would put him only about three weeks out from surgery and seem to jive with the Game 5 return target- the initial prognosis when he first broke his hand was three-to-four weeks. Pronger did, however, make the trip to Buffalo- most likely to fuck with the media.

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