Pittsburgh Sucks: Fan Tased at Pirates Game Last Night

Oh look, a not-Phillies fan being tased at a baseball game.

Pittsburgh is the worst place on earth, folks. At last night's Pirates game, this jorts-wearing guy (is that a Starter jacket?) was tasered and clubbed by police. I'd also like to note that he was significantly more violent and threatening than Steve Consalvi. He did receive the tase (?) a bit better, though. Of course, beating him senselessly with a club may not have been the best idea.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise to you. Oh no. Perhaps you remember our review of Pittsburgh from last summer. We easily spotted men with tails and women in Carolina jerseys. The USA Starter jacket seen here is an upgrade, reserved for only the most revered steel workers. We also saw a Pirates fan throw up on the back of a Phillies fan. Aftermath captured here.

Let's see the national media run with this one.

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  1. Cops weren’t pricks. Do people not realize what the CLUBS they carry are meant for? They are meant for clubbing people, which is what this loser deserved.

  2. The pirates should look to signing those cops to the team, they know how to swing those clubs.

  3. this is awesome only because its Pittsburgh and i hate that place. if that place got blown the fuck up i wouldnt care.

  4. Cargo jorts! I highly suspect this scum has spread his foul seed, spawning a new generation of Shittsburg wankerers.
    And that harpy screaming in the background?: “Awh my gawsh! Staaaap it!”… I’m going to puke.

  5. Just came across this classy joint. I’ve only got two things to say about the over-the-top Pittsburgh hate around here.
    This: http://www.publicradio.org/columns/marketplace/business-news-briefs/2011/02/its_official_pittsburg_is_1_in.html
    …and just remember. Even after 18 consecutive losing seasons, the Pirates still have more world titles than the Phillies and still have a better all-time record.
    Let me repeat that: The Pirates have given the Phillies 18 years to catch up and they still haven’t done it. Jokes.

  6. If the cops had just locked the guy up when they escorted him from his seat, that wouldn’t have happened. I mean seriously, why would they let him walk out on his own when he’s obviously drunk as hell and mouthing off to other fan and then they let him walk right by the guy he was yapping at? Talk about shitty cops.

  7. I was actually there! I was a couple of rows down, but couldn’t see the guy actually get tased. Right after this, a couple got escorted out after throwing beer on each other. The supervisor in our section left to go help out. It was actually more interesting than the game, seeing as the Rockies had just scored a 3-run homer that iced the game.

  8. I mean, as a sports fan I hate Pittsburgh fans just as much as the next Philly guy, but I thought these cops went a little far. I’ve been going to Philly sports events for years, with season tickets to the Eagles for 8 seasons, and I’ve seen way more drunk/violent fans involved in more threatening situations be detained easily and without the use of a taser or nightstick. I’m not against cops taking control when they need to, and we might be missing some context, but what did he do to deserve getting the shit kicked outta him with nightsticks? The taser should’ve been enough. I saw the same shit on Broad street after the Phillies won the series. People who obviously weren’t causing a problem, not antagonizing cops, and trying to generally stay out of bad situations were getting beaten senseless by cops who take advantage of their nightstick powers.
    And as for you Adam from Pittsburgh…You can quote some bogus study (that also lists Detroit in the top 10…seriously?) all you want, but Pittsburgh is not the most livable city in the country. No way.
    And as for your baseball comment–You’re just like a Cowgirls fan: Immediately jump to the history argument to brush off the fact that you have a shitty team. And I’m sure that comment is the most attention you’ve paid to the Pirates in years. When the Penguins or Steelers start to decline years down the line and the Pirates start to get good, you’ll hop off those bandwagons and get on the Pirates bandwagon just like all Pittsburgh fans. Fuck off.

  9. Where did the Pittsburgh Police buy their stun Guns at the Warner Brothers Store… They did absolutly NOTHING LOL And that cop swinging that club WOW… My little daughter could have done a better job.. that guy hit him with OUCH Pitate baseball is a TRAVESTY !!! Team and Fans alike !!

  10. yeah fuck the police.. everytime they call asking for money for their fraternal order of the police i tell them to go fuck themselves.. they don’t mind abusing their power.. everytime they do get in trouble i laugh… hope each of them get’s what they deserve

  11. @Pete H.
    Who died and made you, some dude on the Internet, a more reputable source on livability than the Economist Intelligence Unit? What are your credentials, friendo?
    As far as the Buccos go, I prefer them to the Steelers and Penguins, actually, so you couldn’t be more wrong when you say I don’t care about the team. But hey, let’s just keep making sweeping generalizations like the ones in the post this one links to and we’ll all just keep getting along.

  12. I like your moxy, Adam, preaching the good word of Pittsburgh on a Philadelphia sports blog. You’re choice of forum clearly indicates your superior intellect. We all hope you continue to enlighten us to your wisdom and meaningful statistics. It will go over well.

  13. lol @ Philly fans making fun of the Pirates…first team to lose over 10,000 games Philly lol..We have 5 World Series titles…Philly is the dirtiest shit hole I have ever seen… I went to visit my friend in Temple..Nothing but garbage all along the streets..Pittsburgh- Most Livable city.. in the top 10 cleanest cities in the world..Forbes magazine..im pretty sure that is credible lol..think about this..why do you fags take up over 50% of the University of Pittsburgh/ Duquense? Cuz your city is GARBAGE! There might be 5 total Pittsburghers in the Philly area lol..and I love how the one guy said once the Pirates are good and the Steelers/Pens suck we will become band wagoners lol wrong buddy…we support our teams no matter what unlike you guys..The Pirates are in the top 10 in attendance year after year..even after 18 seasons of losing..I think we can all agree on splitting the state into 2 states (West pa/ east pa) because every time i’m out of state and someone asks where i’m from I go out of my way to let them know that Pittsburgh and Philly are 2 waaaayyy diff cities..im totally embarrassed to share a state with you..Pittsburgh people are nice people and we only attack when someone attacks us..Philly people are by far the RUDEST..DIRTIEST..FOUL MOUTHED..ASSHOLES I EVER MET! do me a favor and take back the fags who go to school over here

  14. @ Adam
    Lol..I never said I was a credible source, but what do you expect when you’re talking to someone who has spent time in both cities, on a Philly sports blog no less. And either way, this is a sports blog, not a census blog about the quality of the living areas. Pittsburgh is about the size of my left nut..Of course its going to be on a list of clean cities. But sure, bring up economic stats on a sports blog…Making “sweeping generalizations” about cities holds more water when you have an official government survey to go along with it.
    As for the post, it is merely a product of A) being a rival sports town of Pittsburgh and B) Philly being the national brunt of the “Sweeping generalizations” you mention. This blog and this city has tried for years to fight against the rest of the sports world from seeing Philly as the hive of all degenerate, drunk, violent, bandwagon and stupid sports fans. So next time you get offended that some Philly blog insulted Pittsburgh, and its large group of bandwagon fans, why don’t you just fuck yourself right on home, k?
    @ WIZ…Sure. Obviously there are no rude, dirty, foul-mouthed assholes in Pittsburgh, ones that call members of their own community fags and assholes. Nor in any other city for that matter. They’re all just in Philly… Nice one hoss.
    And “we support our team unlike you guys”? Really? When the flyers were last in the league a few years back they still sold out every game. When the Penguins were meaningless for a few years they almost sold the goddamn team!

  15. I have family in Pittsburgh and have been there many times, and I’m not insulting the city itself. Its a nice little town. Im Merely insulting its sports teams and fans, cause this is a sports blog..But since Adam brought it up I want to say one last thing about this stupid “livability survey”.
    Thats based on statistics, which in any setting, should be taken with a grain of salt. Same with sports. Someone could say that Brett Favre is the greatest QB of all time and go down the list of stats and records he’s broken. I think any respectable football fan, while acknowledging that hes one of the best, woudl agree that he isn’t the best QB ever. Flyers fans can go down the list of stats about how we have a team full of 20+ goal scorers, D-men with the best +/- in the league, depth, bla bla bla…But are we winning now? No. Bring up Donovan McNabb’s stats to any Eagles fan and see how they react to the 0 superbowls he won.
    Sure, Pittsburgh is a nice city, but its really small and a ghost-town on weekends. Its not a terribly crime ridden city because its made up of a mostly older population. If you wanna live in a boring city, then by all means, eat up the livability survey. Then go drink some bud light over a good micro-brew, cause after all, its got drinkability, so thats all that matters.

  16. People who hate/trash Pittsburgh are just jealous of the city with the greatest organization in pro sports….the Pittsburgh Steelers. People love to hate the best.

  17. @Wiz
    I guess i’m one of those “fags” from philly who goes to school in pittsburgh. Are you saying that once you live in a city you can never leave it? Am i a terrible philadelphian because i did not choose to attend college at temple/sju/lasalle/upenn etc? Yeah, i guess i am–better get my transcript in order asap. Also, congrats on generalizing Philadelphia as dirty while spending time in North Philly around Temple. Good thing Pittsburgh is the cleanest city, (are you including air btw?) and never sees one piece of trash littering the streets. As per your “top 10 in attendance” Not quite, but good try on that one. 2010-27th 2009-28th 2008-28th 2007-27th, should i go on? Or do you see what i am getting at? There aren’t enough Andrew McCutchen bobbleheads in the world that can bring more people to games here. Its a shame for such a beautiful stadium.

  18. Wiz- Your city is a shit hole. I have been to Pittsburgh several times and it sucked. There is nothing to do and getting a cab to go out is next to impossible. It is small, dirty and full of rednecks.
    The Pirates are way down on the list in attendance, only filling 50% of the stadium on average the past few years and the Phillies fill just over 103%. So to say that you fill the stadium is just 100% (something the Pirates will never see) untrue. The Flyers are also higher on the list and have been in the top 5 regarding attendance 5 out of the last 6 years and the Pens have been in the top 10 only 1 time in the past 6 years. The eagles have beaten the Steelers in attendance the past 5 years. The Eagles are around 10th consistently and the Steelers are in the high teens to low 20’s. So to say that there is no support is just moronic.
    As far as one of the the cleanest city in the world, that may be an over statement where the facts came from your ass. Pittsburgh is not even in the top 10 in the US.
    So the next time you are at a Pirate game with 10,000 other fans drinking a piss water Iron City know that we are selling out every game and have a far better team.

  19. I was sitting behind him we started the usa chant cause he was wearing a usa jacket… didn’t deserve it at all the people behind us were getting out of control so the security was standing in front of us… we all couldn’t see so he says I paid my money to watch the game not your face so get out of the way and they told him he had to leave… it was his first pirate game and he said he wasnt leaving. The cop came up and asked you want to leave the easy way or the hard way he said I’m picking the hard way bud cause I’m not leaving. Granted the dude was dirty and probably has done something to deserve it but he didn’t deserve that at all.

  20. My aunt Krystal (it’s a running family joke that her balls are cracked) lives in the Philly broadcast area but is a diehard Steelers fan. She has season tickets and goes out to that western part of the state for almost every game. But she says she’s even getting tired of the drunken Shittsburg masses and of getting doused with beer every game. So please, Shittsburg Wankers, when she and her 300 pound self stands up on her seat and does her stripper dance, douse her with whiskey instead. It’s the water of life, you know.

  21. @ Pete H.
    “So next time you get offended that some Philly blog insulted Pittsburgh, and its large group of bandwagon fans, why don’t you just fuck yourself right on home, k?”
    Typical Philly.

  22. @Adam
    Im glad you took the time to rebut everything else I said. Good job taking the one statement and turning it back into a sweeping generalization about Philly fans. And what’s typical Philly? The fact that I used a naughty word? Did I offend you? Are you saying all Philly fans are assholes, making yet another “sweeping generalization” as you put it? Wasn’t it you who so eloquently warned against that?
    I said “large group of bandwagon fans”. Not all Pittsburgh fans. There are bandwagon fans everywhere, obviously. Did you actually read my posts? I’m mainly referring to Penguins fans, the ones that came out of the woodwork in a Yankee-esque fashion when they landed the league’s pretty boy and became relevant again. Meanwhile, all Philly fans get the rap that those types of knuckleheads all over should be getting.

  23. Typical Philly fans on this board showing their classless, uncalled for snobby behavior. See the below links which demonstrate that Pittsburgh is a better sports city, since this is a sports blog. Also, if you want to compare livibality, cost of living or airports, Pittsburgh ranks higher in those categories also.
    http://blackhawks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=539747 (Philly never listed as top City, Pittsburgh listed in 2009)
    http://www.menshealth.com/metrogrades/july-aug09/sports-addicted-cities.php (Pgh with higher rank than Philly).
    http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/worst-us-airports/4 (Philly as 4th worst US Airport)

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