So This is Probably What Caused the Post Game Scrum, Other Tidbits

Looks like Patrick Kaleta wasn't the only one to get away with a cheap play [via]. Touche. Bonus angry Buffalo announcers.

– According to the beat writers, Chris Pronger is taking wrist shots in practice and "looks good."

– Lindy Ruff appreciated the boos during the Sabres' powerplay last night. Seems like a swell guy. Plus, his daughter is a Flyers fan.

– Sabres listening to Michael Jackson after the game.

– Paul Holmgren says Jeff Carter is day-to-day with a lower body injury. That can be anywhere from his dick to his right knee, which he appeared to tweak last night. I'm going with right knee.

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5 Responses

  1. lol @ Joe… no you are right… what Timmonen did was wrong… but I guess you missed the part in that video where the guy took a (completely unnecessary) run at Timmonen with virtually 0 on the clock, or the ridiculous slash that Hartnell took in the beginning of the video…
    It’s alright man… what goes around comes around, it all comes out in the wash, etc…, etc…
    Just wait till Friday night. The difference between Flyers goons and Buffalo goons is that the Flyers goons don’t only pick on the small skill players like Briere and Giroux…

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