Further Evidence as to Why Pittsburgh is the Worst Place on Earth

Except for Abbottabad. And the rest of Pakistan. And most of the Middle East… And France. Then Pittsburgh.

Perhaps you remember our account of our experience in the Steel City last summer. Or this Pirates fan who got tased at PNC Park last month. Well, from the folks who brought you those great moments, comes the latest installment in asshole Pittsburghianianiananaians: [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Police said today that a 17-year-old boy came across a PNC Park usher who was having a heart attack in his car, pulled the man out and onto the ground, went through his pockets and stole his wallet, then drove away in the vehicle, leaving the usher to die in the street.

The teen is not charged with homicide in the death of 58-year-old Michael Schacht, who was headed home after a 14-inning game at PNC Park on April 9. The suspect is chaged with car theft and robbery as a juvenile, and police did not name him.


Let's see… he car-jacked a man having a heart attack and left him to die. Those are facts, allegedly.

Ladies and gentlemen, Pittsburgh!

UPDATE! Reader PhillyNative sums it up in the comments:

yeah, but philly is an actual city with a diverse group of people and a shit ton of things going on. pittsburgh has one of the worst economies in the country and is just a miserable, lame, boring place to be in general. not to mention there are only like 300,000 people who live in that dump. most people who are born there get out and move to real cities, which is why there are so many pittsburgh tools out here…because we have the schools and the job opportunities that are non existent in that cesspool.

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  1. I went to college out by Pittsburgh for four years and it is one of the most depressing areas I have ever lived. Not to mention that 3 out of 4 Pittsburgh Penguins fans are bandwagon since the NHL lockout. I attended two Flyers vs Penguins games at the old Mellon Arena and they have nothing on Philadelphia. No hostility at all!

    1. Good jobs in Pittsburgh 25 to 55 an hour cash… Tons of remodeling projects also where you can make 350 a day and hire a sub and get money for nothing ..Love Pittsburgh

  2. Shouldn’t it be WORST and not WORSE? Who is proofreading this shit, Helen Keller?

  3. So by use of this logic, I guess all people from Philly like to puke on innocent people? See, anyone can handpick a terrible act by one person and group an entire city in with that person.

  4. I’m sure you will hesitate to respond to my post. Those in the largest glass house, definitely should not throw stones. There are so many examples of Philly fans being complete meat-heads. I’m sure you won’t blog about that.

  5. Matty- I think you kind of missed my subtle point about these. I’m doing EXACTLY what the national media does to us. It’s very intentional.

  6. yeah, but philly is an actual city with a diverse group of people and a shit ton of things going on. pittsburgh has one of the worst economies in the country and is just a miserable, lame, boring place to be in general. not to mention there are only like 300,000 people who live in that dump. most people who are born there get out and move to real cities, which is why there are so many pittsburgh tools out here…because we have the schools and the job opportunities that are non existent in that cesspool.

  7. Wow that is astounding…..economic woes or not, you dont leave a man dying the street for a wallet and his car….talk about generating some seriously bad karma for the rest of your life….
    This is terrible, thanks for highlighting….interesting that its not made the news yet…at least the news it would have made if it had occurred in…uhh lets say Philly.

  8. Matty K–Whenever something like this happens in Philly, the national media starts barking about what low-life scum we are…then comes the easy-way-out chain reaction of articles and tv reports making reference to Santa clause, batteries, puking, bla bla bla, with Michael wilbon sticking his fat fucking head into it somewhere in there to stroke Donovan mcnabbs cock a little bit too. Its as if Philly is the only place where getting too drunk and too rowdy exists. It’s horseshit! The national media likes to pick on Philly for an easy story every few months, because cock stains like Rick Chandler have nothing better to write about. Douche bags like that seem to think that passionate and degenerate are synonymous when it comes to Philly..so they can all chew on my shit.

  9. Philly fans post shit like this to show people that Philadelphia is not the only place in the world with belligerent fans. It’s not to defend ourselves, it to level the playing field because people seem to think that only people in Philadelphia throw up on people or get tazed or throw snowballs at Santa… okay that last one is ours 🙂

  10. No one can complain about articles like this because that’s exactly what every other news source does to Philadelphia when something happens here. A kid got tasered at CBP and it was all over the nation news, but someone at PNC gets tasered and its no big deal. The media just likes picking on Philly because it got its bad reputation first. It’s unfair and stupid but it’s true.

  11. France? Really, you’re going to throw in France with that lot, why?
    I’d be interested in hearing you elaborate on why you seemingly think so little of the place. Have you ever been there? Or, are you just blindly following the old and lazy stereotypical views of the average American.

  12. I don’t know how you can relate a drunk idiot vomiting on someone to consciously stealing from a dying man who could have easily been saved. 2+2 don’t equal 12 guy.

  13. jfresh, you miss the point. My point was that all places have idiots who do stupid things. Philly might be the epicenter of that kind of stupidity that brings a bad name to the rest of the city. I am from DC and I have spent a lot of time in both cities. People from Philly saying Pittsburgh is dirty is the pot calling the kettle black. Take a drive down Broad St to jog your ignorant memories.

  14. Also I can honestly say that when you are walking most of the streets in Pittsburgh, you don’t feel the need to carry a gun for protection (although I believe the natives love to), however the same cannot be said for Philly.

  15. Matty K, I’d feel the need to carry a gun walking down the streets of Pittsburgh for the mere fact that I’m walking down a street in Pittsburgh and I’ve probably just seen the most butt ugly group of people alive.

  16. Matty K…You just said that all places have idiots and then you say philly is the epicenter of it? Thats just as bad as saying that rowdy shit only happens in Philly…The point isn’t just that there is tom foolery in every city, its that Philly is no worse than any other city. Each city has its fair share of drunken shenannegans. And as many people have said, this type of article isn’t about trying to cover up any blemishes Philly has, its about getting people not to eat up the national media bullshit and prove that there is a level playing field.
    And if you feel the need to carry a handgun, get out of North or West Philly…Just like drunken sports fans, every city has a shitty area or two..Well, maybe not precious Pittsburgh, but thats because its a boring city with absolutely nothing to do compared to just about any other city, and half the people that live there are senior citizens.

  17. Phillynative, what time did high school let out? Seriously, you haven’t made a legit argument for anything other than that you are an ignorant jackass. I understand that Philly get’s targeted by the media, but Philly natives wear that like a badge of honor. Here’s how. A large majority of folks in Philly love the rough and tough reputation they have. They live up to it by being relentless, especially at sporting events. However, often times that rough and tough attitude makes you all look bad (I won’t make a list). Instead of changing your meat-headed ways, you all resort to finger-pointing. You like your rough and tough reputation? Then deal with the consequences of it. Don’t bitch in a blog.

  18. hahaha matty k, maybe i haven’t concretely made my point, but you certainly have made my point for me. nice work.

  19. 2 years ago I saw a game at mellon arena and the flyers were up by three going into the third. Me and a buddy were walking around the rink when a guy stumbled up to us holding his head and goes “oh oh look at me im eric lindros im a pussy” solid coment in 2009 since he hadn’t been on the team in 9 years and out of the leauge for like three. hahaha pittsburg what a slum

  20. Any city built on the con-floo-unts of 2 rivers is going to have some smelly shyte coming downstream…
    Ah f*ck, I just remembered that Philly’s got the Delaware and the Schoolkill. Ah well, at least New Jersey’s so flat that it doesn’t block the sea breeze. But I’m surprised that Pittsburgh hasn’t washed away in a flood for all these years. It needs to. Do you hear us, G*d? Hahahahah

  21. its not so much a reputation matty k as it is just a part of the culture. fans from other cities just envy the fact that no team talks about their city and how passionate their fans are. penguins fans are bandwagon fans but they have been supporting their team consistantly now for a few years poat lockout. they all brag about the steelers and rightfully so, they always have a good team. and i know for a fact then the pirates and phillies meet every pittsburghs fan reaction “duhhh we got 6 rings duhhh sidney croby” the only reason pittsburgh stinks so bad is not because of rivers of geography its the fact that 300,000 douchbags live in such a small place, philly smells because 1 million assholes live in a small place, but id rather be an asshole that dosent take shit from anyone the some douchbag bandwagon wine pittsburgh fan

  22. I relocated to Pittsburgh six months ago from Philly to start my first job out of college, and I am now counting down the days until I return to Philly. I can’t wait to get out of this slum of a city. Luckily, the company that I work for recruits from schools all over the country, so I don’t have to deal with born and raised yinzers every day of the work week. Pittsburgh shouldn’t even be considered a city, it’s just a town! They hate on every aspect of Philly; yet most of them have never even been outside of their little western PA town to visit Philly. Don’t bother arguing with anybody from Pittsburgh; they’ll just change the subject to talk about Crosby, their superbowl rings, or about Hines Ward on Dancing with the Stars. So stupid… don’t waste your time. Pittsburgians need to hate the rest of the world to make themselves feel better about their own lives.

    1. I do not believe you EVER lived or worked in the Steel City. If you had, you would know that the people in Pgh are called PITTSBURGHERS, YOU NUMBNUT!!

  23. Evidently, PhillyNative is as ignorant as his comment. I was born and raised in South Philly, so I have no undying love for Pittsburgh, but I think PhillyNative never left the boundaries of Philly and bases his comments about Pittsburgh probably the same way he has become familiar about women: from the internet only. In fact, Pittsburgh has an unemployment rated of 7.4% compared to Philly’s 9.9%. Pittsburgh doesn’t suffer from “Flash Mobs” that trash and steal everything before them. But I guess you never let the facts get in the way of a pathetic comment, huh, PhillyNative? Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? The city transformed itself from a coal/steel manufacturing oriented city to a service/banking economy relatively overnight. The city is safe, friendly, and quite frankly, beautiful. Take pause when you bash cities like Pittsburgh, espcially when you live in Philly. It’s not exactly Xanadu, genius.

  24. I am and will always be “from” Philly (admittedly, a suburbanite, but still, close enough – at least Philly’s suburbs ARE connected via mass-transit and other means, but I digress – well, not really, but I’m getting ahead of myself).
    For the past 15 years or so, I have lived in what SHOULD BE a suburb of Pittsburgh, but might as well be in another state, given the complete lack of connectivity between Washington, PA and ‘The Burgh’ as it is called around here. 30 miles is really not far enough for that to be the case. But it is. Sadly so.
    Anyway, my time here has given me much insight into the issue of this blog. These are obviously MY opinions, but the aforementioned (I’m a writer, so sometimes I use big words like that) experiences in both cities allows for these two points to have validity:
    – Pittsburgh is THE.WORST.SPORTS.TOWN.EVER. Sorry, but number of titles does NOT make someplace “good” in reference to “sports town.” That needs something far more-encompassing. Like an understanding of the games–ALL OF THEM. People here generally understand one game only: Steelers football. And even that, saying they “understand the game” is a stretch. They wrap up in Terrible Towels and think that counts.
    – People here are small-minded redneck-ish asses, a lot more than they should be for being from PENNSYLVANIA, the same state in which Philadelphia resides. This stretches beyond sports, but sports-related issues exemplify it nicely. The dolt who got tased. The dolts in the above photo. The dolt who left that man to die. Much is said about “nice people” in regards to this area. My wife and I have found few. Too many are ignorant effers who barely hide their flaming hatred of anyone not possessing guns and bibles–YES, Obama was spot on with that assessment–or those who are of darker skin pigment. The meanness goes beyond that which Philly-ites are often accused.
    Sure, some from there will not like this. I don’t say it to be mean. I say it because it’s what I’ve seen. Kyle’s comments are no different, and just as valid.
    I can’t get “home” soon enough.

  25. In Pittsburgh I don’t feel a need to watch my back. I feel very safe in this city. I’m 25 years old and have lived here for 25 years. I went to a great well known university and earned a solid education. However, I love my city to death but I will be moving just to explore and try something new. It is not because Pittsburgh is a bad place, it is simply because I am ready to start the next chapter in my life. Pittsburgh was an incredible place to grow up! I loved it. I love my Steelers and will always be a true Pittsburgh girl at heart.

  26. As far as the worthless piece of trash who did this to the poor man, he does not represent Pittsburghm he represents himself!! Sadly, this horrible crap happens every day, everywhere. Don’t be mad at the city and take it out on us, take it out on him. This is the biggest sterotype ever. It’s rediculous. It would be nice if for a change, our society focused on the good things our cities do, but we focus on the bad news.

  27. I’ll admit, it made me think better of him after the Di Disaster. I mean, it’s his job to promote the betterment of his nation — what better way than encouraging people to buy sustainably grown foods from his country’s own farmers?

  28. Obviously, you did no such research before posting this ignorance. Pittsburgh will always be a better city than Philadelphia. One being hell you guys couldn’t even keep the state capitol there. 2) Did you know that the states unemployment rate is high because of your city; Pittsburgh however is ranked one of the highest cities for IT jobs, as well as field tech jobs. Philthy on the other hand has a way higher crime rate (def homicide rate). All of our Colleges (I.e CMU) here are ranked higher than Temple, and don’t get me started on sports team…excuse me guy with allllll those sports teams there when was the last night your city brought home a real championship. Oh and ugly…bahahaha the only thing ugly is your ignorance towards a way better city! Now i knew the man who tragically was murdered and still pray for his family-but your beloved city takes way more fathers away from their families than our city. With that said have a merry xmas!

    1. You guys are located right across the bridge from Camden NJ which use to be number 1 in murders and crime for decades and still ranked in the top 5. SMH!!

  29. Pittsgyrl412:

    I am native to Pittsburgh, but moved to Philadelphia for about ten years before moving back to Western Pennsylvania. I am sorry to say that your comments are correct, but out of context.

    Philadelphia has a population of over 1,000,000 in the city alone.
    Pittsburgh’s city population barely dwindles over 300,000

    There are 700,000 more people in Philadelphia. Of course with more people you will have a higher NUMBER of crimes. Although crime is higher in Philadelphia, the crime rate itself is actually almost identical to Pittsburgh. Here is some information:


    CMU is better than Temple, as Temple is a public, state-run school. Although you failed to mention that Philadelphia is also home to The University of Pennsylvania, which is better than any school in the state. ( I went to Temple and Penn State)

    I came home to Pittsburgh to work. The company was poorly run, which is one of the most well-known companies in the Pittsburgh region.While I worked for an extremely well-run company in Philadelphia that had a much more broad understanding of business. (Unlike Pittsburgh companies, who think the only way to have success is via monopoly)

    The health insurance situation here is a joke, while in Philadelphia there are far more insurance companies at much lower rates due to the population that allows to have more than two insurance companies.

    Sport-wise their media is far better than Pittsburgh in that they are actually pay attention to something other than hockey from December to June if their football team doesn’t make the playoffs.

    I actually believe both are equal sports cities. Although in Pittsburgh there is far less population and diversity, as well as cultural activities — I do NOT mean that as a bad thing, it is an actual fact– so sports plays much more of a central role in the culture of the city.

    I am proud to be from Pittsburgh. But stop with the Big Brother Syndrome of being jealous because Philadelphia is the center of the state in regards to commerce and politics.

    Finally, there are FAR MORE jobs in Philadelphia in the medical field, business, retail, food service, hospitality service and education. Trading former industrial jobs with retail and “IT” is BS.
    There is no growth in the IT industry! You’ll be 55 and working in a cubicle? Probably not. You’ll get fired for some 23 year old from CMU they have pay half your salary.

    1. Pittsburgh is a throwback. The mentality is sluggish at best. No diversity whatsoever. And no one seems to care about how they look. Houses are falling apart because of so much rain. Poor craftsmanship. No up to date on culture. Still talking about steel and Steelers. If it wasn’t for the outsider college kids it would be absolutely nothing.

  30. Pittsgyrl412:

    The Phillies won the World Series in 2008. So that’s an actual “Real” championship. The capital was moved to a more central location for the state. If you look at most state capitals they are in the middle of the state out of fairnesses to the whole population. If you are trying to say about Philadelphia being the capital of the U.S., the same idea can be applied to that as well. Camden is in New Jersey, not Pennsylvania. Have you been to Wilkinsburg or Homewood? Those are pretty damn close. Camden is bad, but Pittsburgh isn’t exactly a tea party either.

  31. I just moved to Pittsburgh this past July. I have lived in multiple states and have been to nearly every US state. I came here for my PhD, but am already considering transferring. Pittsburgh is one of the trashiest, most aesthetically unappealing cities I have ever seen. I have to drive into Oakland every day and commuting/parking is an absolute NIGHTMARE. There is no reason for it…other than horrific design. These are the worst roadways, too, I have ever seen in my life…huge potholes everywhere, no patching, and PennDOT working on the same projects for over a year while roads stay shut down. Multiple times it has taken me over 90 minutes to get 8-9 miles. The commuting here is disastrous and I got hit 4 times the first 6 months I lived here, having never before been in a car accident in my life. The housing is sooooo old and incredibly run down/trashy I do not know why it all hasn’t been demolished thirty years ago! Housing east of Blvd of the Allies, for instance, is appalling to me. There is trash laying EVERYWHERE and a house burned down there in Nov. and not one single piece of rubble has been picked up. I feel like I might as well be damn near in a third-world country. People do seem to be very friendly here, but that is the ONLY thing I have found that I like.

    If some of you can please help me, I am honestly completely perplexed: how can people “love” this city so much? So many people seem to think it is the best city ever…and get very defensive when I bring up all that I totally cannot stand about it…and come to find out, most of them have never really traveled anywhere at all!!! Please help me understand, being from the western US: what the HELL do people see in this place?!? I LOATHE this filthy, putrid, super run-down city and wish I would never have come here! I feel like I am alone in my feelings but they are what they are.

    1. @Scatter12: The city itself and the immediate surrounding areas are run down, but far better than they were even 15 or 20 years ago. You have to remember this city was an industrial powerhouse for close to a century and everything was done in downtown. When the 1950’s came and suburbia started to sprawl, many things actually stayed in the city because the topography of Pittsburgh doesn’t allow for an easy growth of suburban areas.

      The areas outside the city began to grow into suburbs eventually, but for the most part the outer areas of the city were little collections of towns build by various industries for the workers in the plant or plants in that area. That explains why the set up of the city and the surrounding areas are so poorly organized.

      When industry left, so did a huge chunk of the population of the city. In recent years the city has seen a rebirth of “job growth”, and I vaguely define it as growth, in health care, technology and education. But for the most part that work force lives outside of the city and commutes into town from the suburbs like Cranberry, Robinson, Gibsonia, Monroeville, etc.

      The city itself is very poor and has a fairly small population from what it was in it’s hayday. The same thing happened in my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio about 60 miles northwest of Pittsburgh and the same thing has happened to cities throughout the region: Cleveland, Detroit, Gary, Indiana.

      My parents were both from Pittsburgh and I grew up about an hour and a half from the city itself, but did not notice how close minded local people are towards people from other parts of the country. I lived just on the other side of the state in Philadelphia and since I moved to this area people have treated me like I am from another planet because I don’t think everything that comes out of Pittsburgh is the most amazing thing in the world.

      You aren’t alone feeling how you do. There are so good people here, but it doesn’t cancel out the poor weather, poor health care structure and infrastructure that hasn’t been updated to modern standards. When southern New Jersey (Where I lived prior to moving here) looks like heaven compared to Pittsburgh, you know it’s bad.

      I would suggest living outside of the city in the surrounding areas. Although the people are just as close minded about how great their town is and that Dick LeBeau is Jesus Christ, you have a lot less hassle that you have in the city. The only problem is that if you have to get to Oakland from ANYWHERE it’s a pain in the ass.

      I hope this helps, and I just wanted to let you know a person with local roots feels the same as you do about the town and the people. Good Luck!

      1. PhilPit82:

        Thanks so much for the reply, I really appreciate it. I am so glad that I am not the only person who sees all these issues. This has been a MASSIVE culture shock for me, and people here do not seem to have any understanding of it at all. To them, Pittsburgh has almost no faults and is just the most wonderful place in the world! I have never seen such a STRONG sense of pride (and vehement defensiveness, I might add) over a place that looks like this and is this intensely crappy to reside in overall (again, my opinion of course). I certainly comprehend that people are, for the most part, proud of where they were born and raised…but there are also people not originally from Pittsburgh who really like it and can’t seem to come up with one or two ways that other places might be better. It has honestly led me to believe that I am losing my mind for feeling like this place is an absolute dump! It has just been a constant source of frustration for me ever since I moved here. I came back from Christmas Break ready to give this place another chance, then get hit by a double-length accordion BUS my first day back…the 4th time my car has been hit out here. Where else does this happen?!?! Unbelievable. Never been in a car accident in my life, then come out here to get hit 4 times within 6 months. And the massive potholes destroyed my tires…already went through a whole new set of 4. I’ve never seen such horrific roadways anywhere, ever. I truly don’t understand how it is anywhere near acceptable!!!

        And it is amazing to me, too, that so many people love this place so, so much and talk it up so greatly…and yet, come to find out, the vast majority of people who I have personally talked to who adamantly LOVE it here have barely ever traveled out of the state of Pennsylvania!!! Now, that is ironic. I have been very fortunate to travel all over the US, to almost every state minus a few, and to numerous different countries…and I must admit that Pittsburgh is rating right up toward the top of my list of the worst places I have ever been in this country. I am saddened that I moved here to follow my dream related to a great educational opportunity, yet I am so unhappy in living here (and also disappointed in the lack of quality in my first semester of PhD schooling – truly, my education at Colorado State far surpassed what I just went through this past semester) that I think I am going to have to move again within the next year. I simply cannot continue to live like this (i.e. being THIS unhappy) for the next 5 years while I try to complete this degree.

        I am sorry that “Yinzers” cannot understand this, but commuting in most other places of the US (especially when you knock out New England from consideration) is a thousand times easier than this, and the apartment buildings around here and the “housing,” if you can even call it that, would have been demolished and rebuilt three or four decades ago. It is terribly unattractive and very, very run down. Other places across the US have a much, much higher standard of living. I remember when my mom first came here with me…we were truly appalled at the living conditions. Both she and I said, “WOW, the version of something ‘nice’ out here is drastically, intensely different than what we would consider ‘nice’ at home. ” The place I live now is decent, but it would be considered low-quality construction and nothing even remotely near ‘upper end’ at home; yet, it was the nicest option I could find that I could afford out here after months of looking…and it far surpasses many of the other living options around here. It’s so crazy!

        I think I needed to get these feelings out and see if I really am going nuts…because I have had so few people be able to understand what I am saying since moving here. It has become so frustrating, I feel like I really did move to a third-world country, a country in which everyone is so proud of their city that they simply won’t listen to anything anyone else has to say. I wish I was having a more positive experience, but the problem seems to be more that many people in Pittsburgh live in their own little isolated bubble, have not been hardly anywhere else, and are very disproportionately proud – and incredibly defensive – of their city (and their football team – seems to be like a cult!).

        Thank you for the historical information and for your opinions as well. At least i know that there is one other person out there who shares a similar view.

        1. Scatter12: No problem. I have had the benefit of traveling throughout the United States as well, and I would say Colorado is much nicer than any part of Pennsylvania. And you’re welcome for making you feel better. I also felt as if I was the only person who realized Pittsburgh wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be nationally.

          When my wife and I moved here we saw the whole, “America’s Most Livable City” stuff and bought it. Although the cost of living is much less here than many other parts of the country, grocery prices are sky high and health care is also practically monopolized by UPMC. (I apologize if that is where you are receiving your PhD)

          I would say, even as a native, to get the hell out of here and go back west or if you wish to say somewhere in the region try a place like Philadelphia, Baltimore, northern Virginia or the Carolinas. Although they may still have their rough edges, they are far more accepting of people from other parts of the nation.

          Also on a personal note, I am a Steelers fan but have lost a great deal of respect for the fanbase because they lack any kind intelligent knowledge other than “fire the coach and quarterback” and obviously don’t go to games if their team sucks, but don’t have the balls to just come out and admit it and instead try to use it as some stain on the community because Steeler fans aren’t going to the games.

          By now you will notice why so many people from Pittsburgh move away and why there are Steeler fans throughout the country. It’s not just because of the bandwagon fans (I saw many in Philly who couldn’t find Pittsburgh on a map) but people who got jobs on the west coast or down south and never moved back.

          Pardon the sports rant. But I know what you mean about being a Cult. Just because I don’t like the Penguins and don’t want to hear about hockey from January to June, I am not “one of them” so I am now an outsider.

          I have a friend from New York who came here for a medical conference and told me it was the proudest city he has ever been to that has nothing but a few museums and a bar every ten feet.

          I recall when I moved here I began to drank heavily and gained a ton of weight. So, there is another aspect of living here that you probably didn’t realize. Everyone drinks and watches sports and that’s all they do…ever.

          Lastly, you will find a ton of young hipsters moving into the city. I am sure you’ve seen a number of them living in town. They all drink PBR and think a trash filled street is “character”. Feel free to rant to me anytime. It was a pleasure ranting with you on this forum, and again if I do not talk you again I wish you the best of luck!

          1. PhilPit82: Thanks for your input and opinions! Really…thank you. I just talked with someone else today who feels the exact same as we do, so this has genuinely helped me to see that I have not suddenly acquired schizophrenia and am having complete delusions. I was beginning to think maybe I had been abducted by military scientists and was being held hostage in Pittsburgh on hallucinogenics. THAT is how out-of-place I have thought my opinions/experiences have been.

            As far as drinking and watching sports: I have noticed a lot of really overweight, unhealthy-looking people here. And a massive, unbelievable amount of people smoking…never seen so many in my life! Saw a lot when I lived in Kentucky, and also in Missouri, but not NEARLY this much. It seems that very unhealthy lifestyles are prevalent out here; of course, I am indeed biased in this respect, being born and raised in Colorado, the #1 healthiest state in the US and people running marathons straight up 14,000+ foot mountains. So I have come from the other extreme.

            I LOVE sports like football and basketball. I am a big tomboy and sports fan/outdoors girl for sure…much more so than any other woman I have met here yet. I don’t put my values in fashion or pretentiousness whatsoever, so I have had a hard time fitting in. I don’t think my pro-arms attire and relaxed, non-east-coast way of dressing has gone over too well with some people out here. But I can’t get behind this Steelers thing, especially after having lived here. I think it’s great that the team has such a wonderful, winning history, no doubt…but I could not have a more dismal opinion of the city from whence they have originated. My opinion of this place is as dark and polluted as the skies here.

            I will take your advice seriously, PhilPit82. I have had it up beyond my ears with this nasty-ass place. Truly, what we consider “ghetto” at home is honestly what they consider “very nice” here…so no wonder people who have never really traveled much outside of PA don’t “get” where I am coming from. And by all means, to anyone reading this, please do not think I am trying to be mean. I most certainly am not. Again, people here have been some of the nicest, kindest, most courteous people I have ever seen in my life! I have just had a terrible experience in this city, and it is so immensely different from my own standards of living and desired way of life, I can’t justify to myself attempting to “force” this into working for me. It ain’t gonna happen. I don’t even like the person I am out here – I have become way too negative and my outlook on life has gone straight down the crapper.

            But thanks to all the people in Pittsburgh who have been so nice (with the exception of a few)…that will not be forgotten : )

  32. Scatter12: That is funny, I said the same thing about the type of person I have become since I moved here. I was much more motivated and positive over on the East Coast. I would refrain from called Pittsburgh the East Coast, it is more like Appalachia with a Mid-Atlantic location.

    I don’t know about the dressing thing. I have found people in Pittsburgh dress poorly compared to cities on the East Coast, but I understand what you mean by a western, laid-back dress code. I remember the Super Bowl last year between the Harbaugh brothers and the coach of Baltimore came to an interview in a suit and his brother, who coaches San Francisco, came in khakis and a polo shirt.

    I am finishing some school up in Beaver County where I live and will be moving back east as soon as I am finished, pending a good job over there. I know what you mean about the Steelers, but as hard as I tried to not like them because of my hatred of the city, it still is my hometown team, so no matter what I will support them. Good luck again, I have nothing else to ad to your amazing rants.

  33. Your feelings are valid. Stop listening to and arguing with people about it. Finish up what you are doing and make plans to move on. Concentrate on that. 😉

  34. Couldn’t agree more. I’m from Hamilton, ON…which many people describe as “Canada’s Pittsburgh”. Well, after spending all of 48 hours here I can legitimately say that is quite an insult. People are rude, mentally ill and on every street corner, you are guaranteed about 20-30 loud mouth citizens yabbering about nonsense. Add to the fact that there’s sh*t all to do here and you have yourself one of the worst cities in North America.

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