Bryzgalov_babeHoly shit!!!

I feel like Stacey, Jeannie, and Carol-Anne (Elisha Cuthbert) from that scene in Love Actually where Colin walked into a bar in the middle of Wisconsin and immediately swept the three woman off their feet with his foreign charm. He says bottle. Like the girls in the movie, we too have suffered through long, cold winters without the comfort of a quirky British dude goalie. And he likes Freemasons. Wait until Lavs meets him… he’s crazy about goaltenders [don’t act like you don’t get this reference].

Bryzgalov’s agent, Rich Winter, joined the Cuz and Prof on WIP this morning. In short: it looks good.

As pointed out by Macnow, Winter was in full-fledged agent mode, talking about how Bryzgalov is a family man and would love the school systems here in Philly. He also somehow tried – and failed – to explain why there was more pressure on Bryz in Phoenix than there would be here. Right.

As we learned yesterday in an email exchange with Philly Sports Daily’s Dave Isaac, Bryz is a big American history buff, according to Winter:

“Ilya’s an American history buff in a manner that would have surprised many. Certainly surprised me when he started talking about the Freemason’s influence on George Washington’s presidency when we had one of our first meetings.

He’s a very well read guy, he’s a very interesting guy, and he’s very excited about the possibility.

He’s quite eager to come and take a look at it.”



Who wouldn’t trade for an American history buff stud Russian goalie?

Given that fact, this video from yesterday, and his wardrobe, it seems like Bryz is a whole barrel of fun. But what will it take to sign him?

While Winter didn’t discuss dollars or years, there’s obviously financial issues that will have to be resolved.

“Our dialog’s been nothing but positive and, ya know, Ilya’s not been in position to secure a long-term contract in the prime of his career yet, and he’ll be looking to do that. And he’ll be looking to stay in Philadelphia for a long, long time. He’s very much a family oriented man… his kids, his daughters, are early in elementary school, his son’s about to. He would like to settle into a place where they’d have some stability.”


OK, OK, enough with the agent speak. We get it.

Winter went on to say that Bryz and his wife (seen above, ZOMG) have already done research on the area and will likely be flying into Philadelphia in the next week or so- quick, somebody get John Clark down to the airport with a camera crew. I’m assuming Carts won’t host Bryz and his wife in Sea Isle. Something tells me he won’t be impressed with the Vladimir Vodka at The OD.

Despite all the posturing, it looks like Bryz is going to sign here. Prof and Cuz agree. You can hear the full interview after the jump. Thanks to Jamie from 610 for hooking up the podcast.