Mike Schmidt Throws Chooch Under Proverbial Bus

Photo via ESPN

He did what?

Mike Schmidt is making the rounds in Bristol, Connecticut, today. For what, exactly, I don’t know (or care). He first stopped by Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio. The topic, incredibly, turned from LeBron James to baseball. The Mikes asked, er, Mike his thoughts on the topic du jour: Buster Posey’s injury. After breaking down the play, which he only saw “once or twice,” Schmidt transitioned into his philosophy on catchers blocking the plate:

Q: If you had a great catcher, would you instruct that catcher not to block the plate? Would you instruct him to do the sweep tag?

Schmidt: Well, if I had a great catcher, you mean if Piazza was my catcher, as opposed to, let’s say, Carlos Ruiz is my catcher… 'Carlos I want you to block the plate!' [laughs] which is not that big of a deal to the offensive side and I can afford to lose you.


Oh no.

Look, Chooch is obviously no Mike Piazza or Buster Posey, but those are harsh words coming from Michael Jack. Can afford to lose Carlos Ruiz? Someone might want to ask Roy Halladay his thoughts on the matter.

On SportsCenter, Schmidt opined on Bryce Harper’s antics: [CSN Washington]

"Just hit your home runs and hit em like you're used to hitting them, not like you're surprised to hit one.  Tone it down and play the game."


OK, Mike, with you on that one. But after – yet again sticking your foot in your mouth – saying Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino were “underachieving,” and now the comments about Chooch, who is essentially the anti-you, it would be best if you didn’t speak anymore. Thanks.

The audio of Schmidt’s latest bloviation is after the jump.


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    1. you respect him? mike shmidt, well he’s a real piece shit.!!! always was and always will be. the creep still charges for autographs, even to little kids, this creep could never come back to philly, we’d run his ass outta town

  1. When he makes comments like this along with his previous remarks about the players on the team that made him famous, it’s considerably hard to care about his past. Fucking turncoat.

  2. Somebody get him some “Just For Men”, and tell him to shut the fuck up.

  3. i think you guys are taking it out of context.
    of course Chooch is a good hitter and defensive catcher for the phillies, but he’s still 7th or 8th-hole hitter for them.
    what he means is that he wouldn’t advise, say a guy like Brian McCann or Joe Mauer, who are basically the centerpieces to the offense for their teams, to block the plate.. because losing his bat is like the Phils losing Howard or Utley.
    that’s what Posey is to the Giants.
    he probably said Chooch because he didn’t just wanna throw a random catcher from another team under the bus. it’s okay for him to say that about a phillie because they know him and understand what he’s trying to say.

  4. michael dick schimdt always was and always will be an asshole. chooch is one of the best defensive catchers in the game right now, and not a blindstop in the offense, mjs is just a genuine asswhipe

    1. its a shame that cancer found its way to this asshole, cancer deserves better!!!

  5. As Schmidty gets older, he’s only going to get crazier and more senile. I can’t wait to hear what comes out of his mouth next.

  6. I see your point Johno, but would Mike’s opinions on say, Yadier Molina, be the same? Dude is very similar at the plate to Chooch, yet he picks on Chooch and it has nothing to do with him being from the phillies and it’s the safe thing for Schmidt to say…it’s obvious he is just racist toward panamanians. That’s the deeper, darker issue here.

  7. What he’s saying is that Chooch is a tough SOB, 3rd world country tough and wouldnt be a p*ssy like aforementioned catchers….
    Still comes off as a giant Doucher. I’ve heard stories of him being a dick since retirement.

  8. Johno, I get what you’re saying, but it’s fairly obvious that he just views Chooch as an average player. Hitter? Yes. But “a guy you can afford to lose” is drastically misunderstanding Chooch’s value to this team. I’m not saying that as a homer, I really think it’s fundamental misunderstanding of his role.

  9. I’ve always thought Schmidt was an odd bird, even when he was playing. Maybe it was just little kid me not understanding his accent. Even though he’s from Ohio, he’s always sounded like a good ole’ boy Texan or Southerner to me.

  10. Michael…. I think you’re a great player. No disrespect here.. But seriously?! Don’t you help during spring training?! Idiot.

  11. I heard this live on M&M, it wasnt as bad as your making it out to be. He is just saying the Ruiz is not one of the greatest hitting catchers ever, not that he isnt any good. If Ruiz was an above average hitter he might be more cautious, but he was stating that Ruiz bat isnt impossible to replace. Not like he was bashing his defense.

  12. I never understood why he and Harry Kalas were such good friends, b/c from everything I’ve ever heard about him, Schmidt’s a complete and utter asshole. I guess great athletes don’t always make good men.

  13. I understand what Mike was saying but dont think that he should have used chooch… but you know i think he could have just stuck with what EVERYONE else was saying as an example, if it were eli whiteside(SF backup catcher) no one would care, or in this case that he would have Eli block the plate… Chooch is the most under rated player in the city, always good for a huge AB late in the year, catches the best staff in about past 20 years… he lets his play, and “the claw” celebration speak for him, haha, claw….. all i know is you take all your joe mauers and brian mccanns, give me the chooches of the game, someone who is good defensively calls the right game for the staff and any production you get is a bonus, oh and chooch wont cost 1/10th of mauer but is just as valuable(for other reasons)

  14. Don’t defend this jerk-off, he said what he said. Fact is that there are AT LEAST a dozen other catchers in the league Schmidt could have used as an example instead of Chooch. Sorry, Mike, but there is a reason you never felt the love in Philadelphia the way Chooch does. It’s cause your “inner douchebag” is always showing.

  15. That is hard to hear from one of my favorite players of all times. Schmidt must be too busy with his new job as an AT&T salesman(Nice polo)to actually watch any of the Phillies games. Because if he did, he would see that Chooch’s .244 average always comes into effect when the pressure cooker is on. I would rather have him up to the plate when it matters then any of our other strikeout artists cough**Howard**cough!

  16. I agree with timpala – he tries to look young, but his brain is turning into mush. Someone should shut him up before he becomes Lenny Dykstra.

  17. Th real reason Mike Schmidt never talked to the media during his playing days is now coming out…..
    He’s a complete idiot.

  18. Anytime Mike wants to move to Zimbabwe (and never contact any US media again) I’m willing to send a few dollars for the ticket.

  19. Someone mentioned irrelevent? He is an attention freak. And I know his success in a phillies uni, but I just don’t consider him a philly treasure. This spring someone needs to put him in his place….or a line drive to the nuts (if he has any)

  20. Mike must be trying to get a hosting gig on 610 WIP. With all the nonsense he says, he would fit right in.

  21. At least when Bob Clarke makes a stupid comment, they are generally hilarious. Schmidt’s are usually just ignorant. As great as he was, he is definitely one of the bigger a-hole’s we have seen come through this town.

  22. If you actually LISTEN to even just the clip you guys posted, you can tell that all the man is saying is that Carlos isn’t an above-average catcher, offensively.
    While I am secure enough in my sexuality to profess my undying man-love for #20, (He is, obviously, the greatest Phillie AND 3-bagger of all time) I do admit that he has a tendancy to be a bit of an asshole. He’s never really been known as a player that gets along great with fans. But, he did his job when he played, and he tells it how it is now.
    Regardless of how much Philly loves J-Roll and Victorino, they were slacking when he made his comments. And, as much as everyone (Myself included) loves Carlos, he’s not a Piazza.

  23. Charlie is going to kick Mike’s ass after Ruben’s done with him. Why can’t he talk without saying something that makes him look like a bigger douche bag every time? He now looks like a giant douche bag.I feel less bad about when he was booed at the end of his career. That was something that used to bother me. But not anymore.

  24. wow. Did anyone who posted a negative comment on hear actually listen to the clip? Schmidt is just giving straight talk and he makes a lot of sense. He wasnt bashing chooch at all. He is saying that blocking the plate is part of the game and unless you’re the focul point of the offense you better block the plate because it is your job. Catchers are supposed to be tough!

  25. I agree with Chris and Joe. What Mike said about Chooch hardly qualified as treasonous, nor did I find his words harsh as Kyle intimated. To me, this was nothing more than a slow news day puff piece, nothing worth suffering a spike in blood pressure over. In other words, get the bunch out of your boxers, people!

  26. Fuck Mike Schmidt, I’m from philly and like to watch him play, but man what an asshole he is when he opens up his mouth, fucking douche bag egotist – go away dude your timke ha come and gone

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