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He did what?

Mike Schmidt is making the rounds in Bristol, Connecticut, today. For what, exactly, I don’t know (or care). He first stopped by Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio. The topic, incredibly, turned from LeBron James to baseball. The Mikes asked, er, Mike his thoughts on the topic du jour: Buster Posey’s injury. After breaking down the play, which he only saw “once or twice,” Schmidt transitioned into his philosophy on catchers blocking the plate:

Q: If you had a great catcher, would you instruct that catcher not to block the plate? Would you instruct him to do the sweep tag?

Schmidt: Well, if I had a great catcher, you mean if Piazza was my catcher, as opposed to, let’s say, Carlos Ruiz is my catcher… 'Carlos I want you to block the plate!' [laughs] which is not that big of a deal to the offensive side and I can afford to lose you.


Oh no.

Look, Chooch is obviously no Mike Piazza or Buster Posey, but those are harsh words coming from Michael Jack. Can afford to lose Carlos Ruiz? Someone might want to ask Roy Halladay his thoughts on the matter.

On SportsCenter, Schmidt opined on Bryce Harper’s antics: [CSN Washington]

"Just hit your home runs and hit em like you're used to hitting them, not like you're surprised to hit one.  Tone it down and play the game."


OK, Mike, with you on that one. But after – yet again sticking your foot in your mouth – saying Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino were “underachieving,” and now the comments about Chooch, who is essentially the anti-you, it would be best if you didn’t speak anymore. Thanks.

The audio of Schmidt’s latest bloviation is after the jump.