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Michael Vick, author, recently showed up on Dana White's video blog of UFC 131. If you have no idea what that means, it's ok- neither do I. Anyway, QB 7 had a gaudily large Yankees logo plastered across his chest.

Of course, in April, Michael rocked a LeBron Witness shirt, while the Sixers were playing the Heat. I'm sure if our scribe needs a Penguins jersey, that could be arranged.

Oh, hey [transition!!!], speaking of Pittsburgh, here's a pic of Michael Martinez and Wilson Valdez strolling about the town on Saturday night. 


Thanks to Matt Rappa, future ball scribe, for the pic

Assuming  M-Mart's™ bar game is anything like his professional existence, I imagine conversations went something like this:

Partially inebriated club rat: Do you make a lot of money?

M-Mart™: Relative to my peers, no. 

PICR: Are you hung?

M-Mart™: Despite the stereotypes, not really.

PICR: Do you possess any discernible skill that would make you even remotely attractive to me?

M-Mart™: I'm funny… and since I'm here as Willy's wingman, and he's showing your friend his sinker grip, I guess you're kind of stuck with me [winks].


And that, folks, is the real world equivalent of the Rule 5 draft.

H/T to (@jharkins1216) for the Vick video, which is after the jump (2:24 mark for Vick).