And Now Comes the Prescription Painkiller Part

This afternoon, Dan Gross, who wrote the story about Dry Island, went on Puck Daddy Radio to discuss what players told him about Richards and Carter. Here's something that wasn't in the paper:

"And some of the players were a little upset about the drinking, and there was a concern that, at some point when the guys were injured, they were taking painkillers.

I'm not suggesting that these guys were abusing pills or anything of that nature, but the teammates were saying that they were drinking while they were being prescribed pills. So, it seemed like there was some concern on behalf of the players and also the organization about having these guys around."


I confirmed the quote with Dan just to be sure we weren't taking it out of context.

Any Flyers fan that has been paying at least a little bit of attention has probably heard similar rumors, but this is the first time anything concrete has even been said about pain medicine. However, it’s not the first time that story has passed through my inbox…

One popular sentiment seen today is people downplaying the whole story because the report is from a "gossip columnist," not a beat writer. Well… let it be known that said gossip columnist has much more experience than a number of the Flyers beat writers (nothing against them) and most likely wouldn't just throw nonsense out there, especially on a subject matter that isn't usually in his wheelhouse.

Gross made it clear that he wasn't suggesting Richie and Carts were abusing- rather, he was citing yet another example of the behavior that concerned the team and, apparently, the players. For as ridiculous as Dry Island was (is?), it's these sorts of stories that may have led to such draconian measures.

This was my biggest problem with Lavs' interview today- his awkward denial that these problems ever existed. Folks who think off-ice factors didn't play at least some role in the trades are kidding themselves. Mike Richards was traded for a prospect, a role player, and poorly used cap space. That wasn't based solely on a poor, injured playoff performance.

Listen to Gross' comments after the jump and the entire Puck Daddy interview here.



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  1. Everybody knew they were doing pills & coke.
    Also that’s s great fuck me look that chick is giving richards & carts is getting a free smell. SMH

  2. mmmm beer and pills….just what a professional hockey player needs….once again….why am i in beer league? oh i suck….forgot…

  3. I know some are still hurt by the trades, but if you focus too much on what’s in the rear view mirror, you’re going to miss what’s coming up in the windsheild. They’re gone, the Flyers have a true goalie, some young blood in the organization with a mix of established players. Can’t take it back, mine as well move on….

  4. Coke,pills,alcohol,gambling and not taking care of themselves were the problems with both of them…they were warned and you can thank boyton for helping in their downfall..he was removed from the team..anyone ever here what happened to him? No you didn’t because no one let it out. He was and maybe still is a huge drug addict…heavy stuff so that did not help with trying to keep these guys on the straight and narrow..the locker room was divided between the workers and the party boys…it was a necessity to get rid of them…but really they were surprised they could find a deal for Richards too…

  5. I like to party, so I like my Jesus to party, so I like my captain and assistant captain to party. Errr, former captain and assistant captain…

  6. Coke? Pills? Drug addicts? None of you have a fucking clue what you’re talking about. Where are you getting this shit? None of you know any of those players on a personal level, and there have never been any relable sources that said that they did coke, abused pills, or that Nick Boynton was a drug addict. Stop talking out of your asses you morons, jesus christ.

  7. This is sort of a disaster in terms of how much of any of this was disclosed to LA/CBJ. I wouldn’t be surprised if the DryIsland source here turned out to be either MR/JC just to get back at the marginalization. It’s amazing to me how poorly the Flyers Front Office is managing this situation. We’ve not heard the last of this situation and heaven forbid either MR/JC wind up in rehab, or otherwise, incapable of playing due to anything related to these alleged claims; because you can be certain this will come back to haunt the team and it will cost a lot more than a few draft picks.

  8. marginalization should have been ‘organization’, but I’m not sure the type doesn’t work either?

  9. The whole “dry island” thing, as silly as is sounds, may have been more about showing commitment to the team and a willingness to sacrifice for your teammates. The fact that the CAPTAIN wasn’t willing to “lead by example” and show his teammates that he was willing to give up partying for a few weeks to show his commitment to the team is probably worse than the partying itself.
    A good captain would have been the first to put his name in for “sober islands” and made damn sure he wasn’t caught cheating. Hell, in the 70’s those cup teams were CONSTANTLY hammered. But you can bet your ass Bob Clarke would have been on that list for sober island because THAT IS WHAT A LEADER DOES.

  10. The Bullies showed their comment to Mr. Snider, the team, and the city which in turn gave them the leeway to wear those black arm bands for Roxy’s after it burned down. it also helped they had already one the stanley cup. To pull this diva shit, constantly wear other teams apparel (or that ridiculous redneck shit), refusal to participate in team activities would have be ok if we had won the cup. You don’t win things need to be switched up.

  11. Like kyle said, they’re 26 yr old millionaires. Cant be mad at them. Id be drinking, fucking, smoking, and suckin titties all day errday if i was one of those dudes. Whats the repercussion? get moved to another city and make millions? Tough life. by the way, my buddies parents moved into richies old penthouse and found skate marks all over his hardwood floors. the whole building was happy he was gone. lolocaust.

  12. Yeah, um, so here’s the thing…What exactly do you think goes on with rich athletes everywhere? Some do need to work hard to be good and stay competitive, but most of the party boys are the ones that work just hard enough for their natural talent to surpass the rest and then go get their drink on. These two are not pioneers, or even in the minority when it comes to social behaviors in the NHL or sports in general for that matter. I know of a few professional golfers that would actually drink these two under the table on any given night! Let them live the life however they want…they only get one of them.

  13. Mike, they can live however they want. But if they want to be on the Flyers, they need to abide by the organizations rules. And if that means curbing the partying during the season, then so be it.

  14. “The whole ‘dry island’ thing, as silly as is sounds, may have been more about showing commitment to the team and a willingness to sacrifice for your teammates. The fact that the CAPTAIN wasn’t willing to “lead by example” and show his teammates that he was willing to give up partying for a few weeks to show his commitment to the team is probably worse than the partying itself. ”

  15. Yeah right, Richards was such an off-ice disaster and locker-room distraction that his former Flyers coach(es) traded 2 good young players to get him to LA to play for them. They must have real memory problems!

  16. They are paid millions of dollars to do a job. You do it how your boss tells you how to do it. If any of us went about our jobs like Richie and Carts we would all be fired…not traded where we can continue to work for money (lots of it). I dont want to hear they are young and they deserve this and that…F that…they are paid A TON more then any of us to do a job and do it right. They want to drink and what not then dont play hockey and take your millions and do it elsewhere. Is is so hard to stop for a month here and there? Should they really need to be told that they should not be partying during the stretch run? Get real people. These 2 players were a waste. So glad they got rid of them…..Can we move on now? because this richards/carts talk is getting REAL old…

  17. I know personally that the prescription pill thing is true and YES they were abusing them.
    If you can’t stay sober for one month during the playoffs then good riddance! Yes, they are young millionaire professional athletes …but win a championship! Then you can do what you want and people will look the other way.
    I think Mike Richards is a great hockey player and I was devastated to see him traded. But it really comes down to winning a Stanley Cup and its obvious now that it wasn’t going to happen with those 2 (17 & 18) on the team.
    Bring on October 6th!

  18. Philly hasn’t had a good hockey beat writer Jay Greenberg (DN) & Al Morganti (Inky) split a few decades ago.
    Remember Eric Lindros – it wasn’t any local writers who broke the stories about Clarke and the Lindros family – it was ESPN. The Philly hockey writers are wastoids – useless.

  19. If your coach and more importantly your teammates want to stop drinking during the season so you can focus on the task at hand (which is winning a Stanley Cup), you’d better do it. There’s plenty of time to be getting hammered with 19 and 20 year old girls in Sea Isle after you win the cup. Good riddance.

  20. Yeah this was one of the worst kept secrets of the last few years.
    For those of you questioning the validity and saying that no one really knows them, do you really think that these guys didn’t make tons of non-Flyer friends and acquaintances during their time here? They were out and about mingling with the general population all the time. Anyone who goes out regularly in the city has at the very least seen them around.
    Make no mistake about it, there is a whole host of people reading this very article who could tell you all sorts of true stories about their exploits.

  21. theres a reason everyone started referring to them as the PILLadelphia flyers
    but really carter being a disappearing POS in the playoffs is the main reason he was moved

  22. I was at a Flyers meet and greet back in February. I got Richards autograph on my jersey and after he signed it, I extended my hand to one of my favorite Flyers hockey players for a handshake. He looked at me funny like I was an asshole for trying to thank him for all his efforts.
    Ever since then, Richards has pissed me off. It wasn’t just me, he looked the same way with everybody. As fans, we payed this guys salary and he has the nerve to look at me like im the asshole? Mike, go fuck yourself.

  23. Who’s the brunette with no concept of camera shyness? She better not be traded out of town. She don’t care about two drunken frat boy hockey players. Eyes on the prize baby!

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