Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack

Our friends at Drinker’s Philadelphia sponsor this segment. Nothing changes, except we can now have contests for legit prizes to Drinker’s.

The Vanimal: This isn’t a slight to Vance, but per the points I made here, sell high if you can.

Werth beers: I go under $2.40. He would have to raise his average over 20 points – something that is difficult to do in the second half of the season – to get Duffy’s beers over $2.40. 

If anything, his first half struggles have just proven what an utter failure he is going to be in living up to this contract. It probably won’t be that bad, but $126 million players don’t have woeful halves like that. If anyone tries to respond with “Ryan Howard,” I’m going to donkey punch them with his 72 first half RBIs.

Post World Cup Soccer: I’m buying.

As I Tweeted last night, I’m on a five-week quest to understand and appreciate the game. I watched the Union match, Real Madrid, and played copious amounts of FIFA ’11 on the PS3 (and you’re wondering why I got a late start today). 

Early observations: I’ve learned that the little scoring you see is only part of the story. So much strategy goes into seemingly every ball movement. Controlling the play, so you are able to set up effective scoring chances, seems to be about 90% of the game, er, match.

I’m really enjoying the skill involved with playing futbol at a high level. Perhaps only in baseball will you see such advanced skills on display (I’d argue basketball, football, and hockey are more athleticism based, relatively speaking). Maybe this is because I’m a newbie… but I was really impressed with the inhuman coordination I saw in the Real Madrid match last night, and I look forward to seeing them play on Saturday.

That being said, the diving really needs to go. It wasn’t nearly this prevalent in the Women’s World Cup, and it gives the whole sport a bit of a WWE feel. Even the part where the offending player comes over and checks on the injured feels staged. He has to know he’s faking, right?

From most folks who have given their two cents, it seems like watching high-level Euro soccer is the way to go. I anticipate choosing a Premier League or La Liga team to root for, should my five-week study prove successful.

Crossing Broads: Just let it be known that those are stretch marks on bleacher handy girl’s stomach. I’ll take the other one, thank you.

Crossing Bros: Girooooooooooux. Vance probably sweats. A lot.

Bigfoot: Yesterday, we learned that Cliff Lee believes in Bigfoot, like ambitiously so. So, um, yeah: Go Sasquatch, go!

Today’s Drinker’s challenge: Enter for your chance to win a “Big Bash” for four people on any Friday or Saturday night at Lucy’s. Must be 21.

Enter after the jump.


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26 Responses

  1. If you want to less diving I’d strongly suggest watching the Premiership, La Liga has a lot of play acting at times. That said, Barcelona right now are beautiful to watch, pretty much untouchable.

  2. Glad to see your getting into soccer, that means another reason I can play FIFA 11 so we can get some matches in, last nights matches were great! But I hate that damn Kaka and Ronaldo!

  3. The Union are legit, amazing to see that they built such a good team in so little time, their win over Everton last night was amazing, they dominated an English Premiership team from start to finish, without a handful of our best players. American soccer has WAY less diving than European soccer, especially the Italian and Spanish leagues. People who don’t like soccer because it’s a “pussy sport” don’t know shit about how much skill it takes to play the game, big hits aren’t what determine whether something is a sport or not. If you’e gonna hate a sport, make it basketball. MLS > NBA.

  4. pick up a Liverpool jersey and watch the ELP, the skill level is nuts. Best soccer in the world if you ask me.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with the soccer sentiment. I started really getting into it in college because I had a roomate who played on the team. The ELP is unbelievable. I mean shit, Wayne Rooney had a fucking hattrick last night in about 30 minutes.
    I used to classify it as one of those “boring” and “pussy” sports…and then I played intramurals. Try to play soccer with a group of people who are remotely good at the sport. I dont care how good you are at football, basketball, hockey, etc. Soccer is a truly humbling experience and you gain so much appreciation for how goddamn good the professionals are.

  6. If you do the math, the lower the average, the easier it is to raise. Much easier to go from .220 to .240 than it is to go from .320 to .340 I took the over

  7. didnt they play everton last night and not real madrid. the only reason i say that is my friend has tickets to real and im positive he wasnt there last night.

  8. hey kyle,assuming your soccer study proves successful, take your pick from La Liga or Italian Serie A. Italys league is by far the most competitive and has a lot of impressive players that we dont hear about cuz of espn fondling the premier league and the spanish league. Stay away from premier league football its boring as shit and theres only about 4 good teams, if that. As for La Liga theres more big names but most of them play for madrid or barcelona. which are 2 of the 4 good teams in that league too. Serie A will give you the most bang for your buck.

  9. Screw Serie S, Italian league is boring, has horrible tv coverage, and doesnt have half the talent that the Premiere League and La Liga have. You should pick Man City (my favorite club) so I can have another source of info. What is your screen name on PS3? I’ll play you in some FIFA 11, mine is philly216.

  10. You will see better ball handling and trickier footwork in La Liga and Serie A, but if the dives really get to you then make the switch to EPL, where they play tougher and with more strength. There are decent players here in the States, but the greats are still in Euro-land (Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka, Rooney, etc)
    Keep up the great work with the site. I love checking it.

  11. @johnnyrockets27:
    The Serie A is NOT an exciting league to watch. They are notorious for being so defensive, all they want to do is defend. As for competitive, there’s only two teams who’ll win it: Inter or AC. Germany is by far the most competitive league in Europe, every year there’s about 8 teams who can win it. La Liga, Premiership are the best to watch (last year’s EPL was very good, and Swansea are due a fairytale year this time round)
    Or you could watch the SPL. Nothing more exciting than a midweek winter visit to Inverness…

  12. EWWWW, that chick on the right for crossing broads looks like a fucking horse. Youd hit that?

  13. If you pick a La Liga team go with Real Madrid. When they have a good game they score a lot! Not to mention Ronaldo and his flashy footwork makes the game entertaining. In the EPL I dont really have a favorite because all of the teams are pretty fun to watch. Theyre all so good. But if you want to choose a different league try the Liga Portugesa. There are 3 main teams that are good but have great ball control and tons of skill. Hopefully you stick with the sport. Hey, maybe you can even attend a Union game! ahaha I said maybe!

  14. Krikey, Laddie! You got your putrified beer goggles on. T-Mac’s tellustrator chick looks like she can be Baba Booey’s little sister. I’m sure a plastic surgeon can get rid of character marks (AKA stretch marks) a lot better than he can fix that donkey face.
    Once again Boy-yle, the fire water has clouded your judgement. Get help toot sweet!

  15. I would take Stretch Marks McGee any day of the week. That is one fine as woman for her age (I have to assume she’s older than she looks… or just digging for gold). Stretch marks ain’t shit but different colored skin, that MILF is fine.

  16. Choose Arsenal. They couldnt be anymore like Philly in that they finish second repeatedly behind Man U. Just saying.

  17. @Frstrm33 LOL! nice – yo Kyle theres a fat guy in the EPL named Andy Reid, think of the possibilities…

  18. I’m really enjoying the skill involved with playing futbol at a high level. Perhaps only in baseball will you see such advanced skills on display (I’d argue basketball, football, and hockey are more athleticism based, relatively speaking). Maybe this is because I’m a newbie… but I was really impressed with the inhuman coordination I saw in the Real Madrid match last night, and I look forward to seeing them play on Saturday.

  19. The Phillies just traded for Hunter Pence. They will send Jarred Cosart, Jonathan Singleton, Josh Zeid, and one other player (not Domonic Brown or Vance Worley) to Houston in exchange for Pence. Apparently, Ed Wade flinched: he also sent the Phillies money. No, really, he did. According to multiple reports, it will allow the Phillies to stay under the luxury tax.

  20. What a Friday, folks. That sound you hear is Ruben Amaro and Howie Roseman pouring champagne on each other in gleeful – yet somewhat disturbing – euphoria.
    We’ll have more when the other player is announced. For now, go celebrate.

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